Friday, December 3, 2010

Life's Twists

Uncertain, its how most of us defined life. True indeed, sometimes youre up and sometimes youre at your downest. What we have at present isnt always a guarantee coz in just a click it might just vanished and just go like a theft in the night. Its always good to stay humble especially if you really dont have what it takes to be on top. Climbing so high need a strong rope to guide you and takes you to the highest peak but what most climbers fail to prepare is when the rope cuts and will just makes you fall amidst everything you did to climb the highest peak of your dream. But smart people have a slow yet sure race to the top, they prepare their fight and walk when theyre sure enough of their destination. You might see people climbing so easily in their lifes journey towards their dream destination, yet stop and fall on their dreams because of overconfidence and arrogance. Yet, some were just unnoticed while taking their way up yet is visible once theyre near at the peak. Goodluck climbers, aim high but be careful in taking the right roads coz when youre at the crossroads and take the wrong path, youll surely fall on the wrong destination. Just take it easy and never be so boastful coz it will surely fall back on you and when lifes twists come, youll surely take the dose of your own medicine.

Congratulation the new District Manager of Cebu City - no other than my brother Paul. It was a much awaited surprise for the family when he announced that he was already given the appointment as the new DM effective today. We were really shocked yet so much glad about the news. We really coudnt believe it will happen. To my ever dear brother, thank for being so good and responsble brother and son to the family. We are always grateful that we have you. Do hope that youll be much blessed in the years to come. Well, this is a celebration.