Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earning Online Tips

The advent of new technolgy doesnt just offers convenience to us but it opens a wide avenue of opportunities from online sjobs, online shopping and other online stuff that made task simplier. Nonetheless, for those people who go beyond the usual trends, what is more rewarding now is earning online with just your computer and with your own time. Isnt it amazing to be the boss and earn dollar with just simple tasks and not so complicated work. That is the real deal now, to those who dont believe yet of how amazing technology is then better read some write ups and online tips which are indeed useful and helpful if you want it a try. I recommend to visit for newbie out there and even to those who want to expand their avenue and wanted to earn more. This is an amazing tip, isnt it?

Best Dog Names

For pet lovers out there, im sure youll be interested with some updates for your cute pets especially those that have dogs. Did you know that you can choose a variety of great and cute names for your puppies in just a click away, if you are one of those out there who have been searching for Pit Bull Names , Siberian Husky Names , Labrador Retriever Names or your most loved German Shepherd . Then this is a great news for you because ive heard a great site which offers popular and unique dog names. Not only thats, you can choose variety of names from the ordinary to the most popular and even Celebrity Dog Names if you wante to. What are you waiting for, visit the site now.

Baby Names

Are you looking for a name that will best fit on your baby? Then worry no more because in the advent of new technology, you dont need anymore to read the encyclopedia from page to page just to have the best name for your child. Now, its just a click away and youll have instantly a variety of names for babies. Unlike before that babies oftentimes have repeated names and some parents will just give their baby common names coz of the fact that they cant think of the best name for him/her. Now you can instantly search Baby Names For Girls in just a second and choose the best one for your child. It will not even take you a minute to look for a name for your baby. The site is one of the most visited and ha sthe most comprehensive list in the net. Baby Names are just a click away.

Lovely Blog Award

Despite the busy scheds i have lately i am really overwhelmed by this "One Lovely Blog award" which was given to me by a dear blogger "A Single Mom's Blog". Really blogging didnt only gave me wonderful insights of technology but much more of that- it widens my circle of friends regardless of the places we lived in. I really admire people who are really friendly and reach out to bloggers who are just struggling in this journey. With this allow me to pass on these award to bloggers worth of these.


- Accept the award. Post it in your blog with the name of the person who has granted this award and his / her blog link.

- Pay it forward to 15 bloggers that you have newly discovered.

- Contact the blog owners to let them know thay they've been chosen.

And here are my 15 blogger friends:

1. Anita
2. Joy
3. Happy Wife's Blog
4. Wonderful Thoughts Online
5. Mom's Wishlists Blog
6. Supermom's Blog
7. Toto
8. Pleasure of Imagination
9. Filipina Diary Blog
10. Fe's Blog
11. Genny's Blog
12. Gbeth's Blog
13. My Daily Moods Blog
14. Housemom Journey Blog
15. Tourguide

I hope youll be happy with these award guys! Enjoy Blogging.

Beach Time

Its actually a great sunday for us, its like a victory party for my mom's slate and it was indeed super fantastic. They prepared great foods and kids were also present which make it a great day. Though it was raining but then it didnt hinders the group to enjoy and had fun. We were so lucky that we were complete there and inspite of the heavy rain, we enjoyed the waves and the laughters too with some drinking session. We brought with us tecquilla which energizes the group. They prepared lots of parlor games which made it so awesome.Before that, wewent to church with the rest of my siblings to thank God for the wondeful gift to us. Indeed God is great, all the time. Have a great sunday night guys!