Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're Finally Back

After some blue days, we are finally okey with my honey. Things were patched up and we are back with each others arms. Admittedly, we are not a perfect couple and its just typical that we sometimes underwent trials that would shake our relationship. I choose to stay with my bed and silently deal with an emotional dilemma for the past few days. He, on the other hand would choose to call me every single moment just to settle things. I have the attitude of not talking when i felt i need a space for myself and i often do it with him. I knew i am becoming unfair to him coz in the very first place, he has no idea of what im going through and i dont give him the chance to fix whatever that needs to be remedied. Fortunately, things fell to better places. I realized my mistake and took the first move. I knew how he missed me terribly and i do missed him too badly. WE just talked awhile ago and i felt how became stronger couple.

Love does not need to be ideal at all times. Sometimes we need a little shake and a little rottle to finally realize each others value. Stay in love guys.