Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shots and Memories

We all want to capture every moments of our lives, right guys? I just cant understand but ever since im not the type who like to take photos even on some important occassions. My friend who was my former boardmate has passions on photography. She cant live without her camera and our bondings would never be complete without it being documented. As with my case, they would just tagged me or i would simply grab some photos of me. There was one occassion where i visit the studio and without any ado, i asked some personal souvenirs. Actually, i had it with me until now. Amazing, isnt it? We could always have souvenirs of ourselves in just a click especially nowadays of technological advancement. In fact, some camera offers an instant printing features which is indeed fantastic. However, if you own an old school camera then you could just have it print at some printing stores. Speaking of printing, id love the idea of making a personalised calendar for my room. I dont know how is that possible? Thus, i saw a fantastic printing service that offers huge dicount. Well folks, visit if you need bookmark printing, graphics printing, greeting card, brochure printing and even calendar printing. Does that help? I hope so.