Friday, May 31, 2013

Havaianas: Design Your Dream Pair

This Brazilian fit flops is really making me crazy lately and i must admit i crave to have one soon. Yay, the partner will feel bad if i will tell it to him soon as i just get a nice fit flop just this month.

Anyway, you can join Havaianas Make your Dream Pair here:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get a Php250 Gift Voucher

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For those who haven't shopped at then it's high time you take advantage of your 250 pesos gift voucher.

See details below:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Link List Clean Up

Just as i have this free day to attend to some minor blog glitch, i decided to do some link list clean up to prepare my site for page rank update. I checked my site's ranking and still no update as of this typing. I want to work out this site so here i am trying my best to unlink trashy site. For a site to maintain its pagerank, its important that you link valuable sites to your homepage. I can't remember anymore when was the last time i updated my link and gladly, i was in the mood to catch up today.

I am hoping that i will have time to work out on my other sites soon. For the meantime, ill work on some networking for this site and the rest of my sites.

$50 Amazon Gift Card from Beauty Secrets

Looking for a free amazon card to shop some beauty loots at Amazon?

Worry no more as Beauty Secrets Amazon Gift Card Giveaway will saves you from getting some bucks from your purse. As they celebrate their 6th Blog Anniversary, they give back by holding this blog contest. So, if you have time why don't you enter to this giveaway and who knows you can buy your favorite beauty loots for free.

Win Amazon Gift Card Worth $50

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dark Chocolate is Good for the Skin

I am a certified chocoholic and my sweet bud really crave for any choco especially during nighttime. I love munching chocolate bars and there are times that it really make me feel good especially if I'm stress but it's just now that i realized that it's good for the skin.


Studies say that dark chocolate is good for the skin! It has flavanoids that help absorb UV light and increase blood flow to the skin. As a result, it is said to improve skin hydration and complexion. Wow, isn't that a delicious skin fact right there? Just make sure to eat your sweets in moderation!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting the Best High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are a great way to look cute on a budget. It's not hard to look your best, and you know that all that time you spend on trying to get there isn't really needed. You don't need to wake up two hours earlier in the morning just to work on your face or your hair. A woman is beautiful just by being a woman. There is a certain charisma that cannot be replaced and is not needed to be aided by makeup or accessories. Clothing can help bring out a woman's beauty and should always be chosen carefully. Right now, high waisted shorts are very in season and so are high waisted jean shorts for the penny-saver at heart from a place called Sway Chic (they have adorable cropped tops as well). Since everyone is looking for a cute summer dress right now, lots of stores (both in malls and online retailers) are having sales or throwing discounts everywhere.

 photo shorts7main_zps3dd06ee9.jpg
Learn to truly look your best by choosing and purchasing well fitting and pretty clothes. A lot of work goes into making clothes and beautiful dresses, so they should all be worn with pride and considered treasures. As long as it is not too short, a dress will always be a classy fashion decision. If you are a newcomer to the dress world, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Color can be quite important, especially depending on where you are headed out to. If you are wearing a dress to somewhere formal, I would not suggest opting for the orange or green dress. Vibrant colors can be off-putting and distracting in formal settings. You really can't ever go wrong wearing a black or white dress, no matter where you are headed. They are always a great mixture of classy and sexy and can be just as alluring as a red dress. You should also contemplate which type of dress will fit you most. If you have a really great figure, show it off! But remember, there is a fine line between sexy and trashy!

BDO Installments Now Available at Lazada

I shopped at Lazada twice already and so far i've got a nice experience. From dealing with their customer representatives and arriving my items on time. In fact, i got to appreciate this online hub as they will call you first before they will process your order. The marketing head herself is also very accommodating plus they offer lots of freebies and discounts.

The good news, if you are a BDO cardholder then you can avail of your card to the fullest as Lazada now accepts BDO installments.With a minimum purchase of Php3,000.00 then you can proceed to check out. Here's some details:

 photo step1_zps0103e9f3.jpg

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Glow2Thione: Skin Whitening and Age Suppliment

Whenever i am doing my grocery, i usually stopped over at the beauty lane to get some beauty essentials. I can't deny the fact that i am a disciple of whitening products. I go for whitening lotion, a whitening underarm cream, a facial wash to whitens face and so on and so forth. I don't know where it came from that most people particularly ladies like me are passionate and aggressive in making their skin fairer but like any one else, i want to snatch someone else attention through my skin complexion.

Of course,i buy the idea that black is also beautiful but never in my wildest dream ill choose being too black because of social stigma that white skin is more appreciated. Thus, i admit i am not blessed to have a good skin yet it doesn't stops me to just stay as is. With the innovative technology conquering this world, it also gives me hope that one day ill flaunt a flawless and radiant skin.

With this quest, there are countless times that i tried taking out pill and there was this whitening pills that works perfectly for me. Hence, the effect was not good as far as my body is concerned, i become prone to eating and make me obese in no time. When i asked my doctor if  it's just normal, i was given the answer that some pills indeed develops side effects which prompted me to stop and just try the natural thing. Nevertheless, i am still considering the option of taking Whitening Pills for as long as i am convinced about it's key ingredients and that it is manufactured by a prestige company.

Heard about SkiNova? If it rings a bell then probably you have tried one of their products and the latest i want to buzz is Glow2Thione. This product is enriched with key essential ingredient which is the Gluthathione. Apart from lightening your skin, it also improve your health and defy age.

Glutathione is the body’s most ample natural antioxidant. It enhances your immune system and protects your vision, it prevents the accumulation of oxidized fats that may aid in atherosclerosis, and helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.

Thus, this product is not only recommended for Skin Whitening as it also offers an anti-aging formula that makes your look younger upon intake.  So, if you want to try a whitening pills that will make your skin lighter in a month then trust:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Treatment Postponed

I was at the parlor awhile ago for my hair treatment. I had to do a re-bonding session for my hair as i am already experiencing excessive hair fall. My partner already asked if i did it since i was supposed to do it last week and since i was hit by a flu and i rested for a week, i have to reschedule it today. Unfortunately, there was no vacant attendant to do my hair so i was advised to set an appointment tomorrow. I always trust this high end salon since i am always happy with their service. What i love about them is their honesty on their service. They won't do the service unless they make sure you will have a happy result. In fact, after my rebond with them the last time, i availed of their treatment and i'm happy with their service. I already have the privileged card so i am entitled to discounts in all of their services.

Haist, i was wishing to rest tomorrow but i think i will have to do the treatment the soonest or my partner will ask me again if i already did it. I don't want to postponed it again as we still have few activities and errands to attend to. Anyway, how's the post-election feeling?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pretty Women Tops @

Ladies won't get enough of fashionable collections, right? Some would even resort to shopping abroad just to make sure they will wear original design. The drawback of shopping your apparels at the nearest department store is that, you've got to bumped in with same clothes as you do.Of course, some of them would get in touch directly with well-known suppliers just to have a one of a kind design. But for average ladies like me whose world revolves on perfect finds at malls and boutiques, i think we just need to look for valuable resources as to where to get great designs and styles.

Speaking of pretty designs. I have checked Zalora's listings of pretty blouses and here's a short glimpse.

COLLECTIVE.COM Annalise sleeveless chiffon printed blouse

COLLECTIVE.COM Yssa Peplum top with geometric collar print

COLLECTIVE.COM Arianne Tribal print long sleeved blouse

Credit: Images Courtesy of

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celeteque Sun Gel: Cooling Relief to Sunburnt Skin

What are your summer activities so far?

Perhaps, you want to try mountain climbing, outdoor sports, summer classes and for those who have extra budget - you might want to try snorkeling or island hopping. Wow, all of those mentioned are my most wanted things to do but then i am still saving to materialize whatever escapades i am planning to.

Anyway, if there's one thing common to all of those summer activities, it's the fact that most of the time, you will be expose to the harmful rays of the sun. Talking about extreme sun exposure, sun burn and of course worst skin cancer due to extreme sun exposure.The most evident side effect is possible flaking for overly dry skin. Yay, do you want that kind of skin after am enjoyable adventure? I'm sure you want protection, right?

For immediate relief, i knew an ultimate solution to soothe you skin with needed moisture and here's what you need.

 photo 95f839e0-8309-43e8-a943-32210390db2e_zpsb5a093cc.jpg
What is this?

For you summer escapades, i want you to bring with you Celeteque Sun Gel:

CELETEQUE DermoScience™ Sun Care Skin Relief 

After-Sun Gel provides immediate moisturizing and cooling relief to sunburnt skin caused by prolonged sun exposure. It contains Anti-inflammatory Soothing Extracts that reduce the skin’s possible inflammatory response after a long sun exposure. Wheat and Aloe Vera Skin Conditioners soothe and reduce possible flaking of overly dry skin.

 photo 8e792ede-a798-4a3d-b952-b72a8204b620_zps756f9585.jpg

So next time, you need a partner for extreme sun exposure then go ahead discover the greatness of

Monday, May 6, 2013

Timeless Bracelets Collections at Zalora

Accessories truly adds glamour to the wearer and picking a perfect one that compliments your dress or outfit is something that will make up your day. Talk about getting vintage type, liberated styles or minimalist types are just few of the considerations of a fashion addict. But how about if you feast your eyes with a variety of finds. Then i think, you will shop till you drop.

Experiment with accessories is what i do most of the type and getting and shopping for nice finds are something that i can't resist especially nowadays where i am hooked with online shopping.


Accessories are a fun way to update an outfit or create a look that is unique. Do as Coco did and don’t be afraid to pile them on. Layer different kinds and length of necklace, stack on bangles on each wrist, or wear multiple rings. Those who are inclined to the classic or minimalist look can still enjoy a range of the latest accessories. Small studs can be worn every day and long ropes of pearls will look equally great in jeans and shirt ensembles and with formal gowns. Cubic zirconia studs and faux pearls will never go out of style and are very versatile. Some socially-conscious fashionista even prefer simulated stones over mined ones. Fashion jewelry is a great way to experiment with different looks and styles without having to max-out

So guys, if you haven't shopped yet for your accessories this summer then take a look what Zalora stores for you..

 photo untitled_zps1ce15082.png

Visit for more details.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Loving my M&S

I still have loots to review and share on this site yet i am lazy to capture some photos so i am reserving some reviews soon. Anyway, it's Sunday so i think i deserve a break, right guys? I started my day right as i hear mass in the morning. I am inspired to do so with the many blessings i am receiving. I promised to do my Sunday Service not to ask but to thank my Provider for everything and of course, it includes all the blessings i am receiving on this craft.

I feel bloated too today, as my mom makes sure we had a nice Sunday meal, my mom indeed. She loves pampering us through her one of a kind menu that we surely love. Going back, i am loving my present loots and its another beauty finds from Mark & Spencer. I will feature it soon after im done with my pending beauty reviews here. I just think, i need another cabinet for my beauty essentials especially now that i am into beauty reviews. Feel happy and satisfied with this craft plus i am earning. Nice deal, right?

Friday, May 3, 2013

What's Your Facial Cleanser?

I was just ranting the other day since the dirt is visible and is carried away by the wind, even if you just sit outside the house, you will surely finds your face exposed with the dust and dirt. That's why before hitting the sack, make it a habit to wash your face thoroughly. I mean its not enough that you just wash it with soap. I believe that dust penetrates the pores so its important that you get the best facial cleanse, I am using a mild solution which is Pond's Facial Wash. I am happy with it and is a loyal customer for quite sometime. I love how the foam works perfectly on my face and you will notice some dirt's when you rinse your face with water.

So tell me.,what are you using?