Monday, September 12, 2011

Loudlaunch Scam?

I've been receiving notifications about tasks from this site. Ive known the company for some time and ive received payments from them too but i became suspicious when i dont received any payment from them for few months. I've thought they will just pay in bulk but to my dismay it just accumulates and accumulates until they will tricked you. Just recently, ive seen a credited payment on my account which i didn't received. I contacted their customer support but you cant contact them either. I tried to email them which i've been doing for quite some time. I didnt hear any feedback but ill surely update or correct this post once the other party will do something else. Im doing this because i knew other bloggers still accepts tasks from them and hopefully some will come out in the open if they experience same scenario as mine. Loudlaunch is not my bread and butter but the fact that i also accepted some tasks with them and wasted my time is something else.

MOnday Updates

Heres another Monday updates.Well i am perfectly fine except for a mild head ache which ive been experiencing for a couple of days. My hubby is already mad at me coz he wants me to rest but because im hard headed sometimes, i don't follow his rules. Last night, he gave me a long speech while giving me a firm word for "listen". I was just smiling because i knew im making my love hard time controlling me. To make the story short, i texted him how much i appreciate his care and love and promise him that i will be an obedient girl for him. Its my first time to be tame guys, hehehhe. On the lighter note, i will be celebrating my birthday this coming Friday and im planning for a simply family blast. My brother phoned me last night that he will come over with some friends. I hope i will not spend so much because i will certainly be spanked by my partner.wink*