Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Property Management

My peer are always busy, we dont even have time to chitchat and finds time to update each other lives like we usually did before. One reason of their hectic schedules is their appointments with the real state agent. They're actually trying to get a unit in one of the subdivisions in town. Theyre already complaining that paper requirement are really a headache, theres some assesment, tax requirements and all those stuff but what is worst is they've found out that the owner of the said subdivisions are not that accomodating, they just leave it to them to settle everything. If owner just knew about RPM, im sure they will not have hard time managing their properties and of course they have a great partner in their business solution.

RPM midwest has received "Franchise of the year and Honorable Mention award" and the fastest and growing property management company. Real Property Management help owners rent their places quickly, they collect the rent, inspect the properties 3 times each year and they cover the eviction - if need arisses.
This is the best RPM company ive ever known, might this one work. Ill tell this to my friends on the real state world.

Great Sunday

Sunday is family day, as always. Like usual its a great day for us. I had my manicure and pedicure done right after i do my laundry but too bad rain is kept on pouring o i cant hang the clothes outside but im crosing my finger cross that by tomorrow my clothes will be dry. My family and I had movie marathon all through out the day with popcorn as always, my favorite but my sister i insting on going out on robinson so that we could watch the twilight - the new moon. I tols her it going to be a full house since it has jut been a few days ago the movie was first shown. Anyway, it going to be few days more to go before Christmas and i am already excited about it. Love to see wonderful lights on the street and colorful Christmas trees, i guess because of financial crises only few homes have managed to put Christmas lights outside their home and even the christmas songs, i seldom hear it. But whats more important the spirit of Chritmas is here and its present everywhere.