Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loving For Free

The best thing in life are for free, God doesn't charged us for smiling, for the gift of life and for love. Yes love is for free and its free for anybody and everybody. To those who wanted to be loved and to love. However, its always a battle every woman should win for and fight for. But true love is like a theft in the night, you may never know when its coming and when its leaving. Better be vigilant and always make our heart ready for the ONE. But its not always a bed of rose, so as they say. It doesn't always follows that once youve found someone you think is right for you - that he is already the one person for you and meant for you. It maybe true and it maybe not true, it may just be a dream and just be a wish but it always takes a good fight and risks are always good to know your destiny. Don't be fraid of falling in love and getting hurt either because they are just normal elements of human world. If you were never hurt, you think you'll be ever a better woman as you are now? If you have never felt those pain, you think you realize to value your partner now? and if you will never be hurt, would you care to value your life? Yes thats how love is, how its a roller coaster but at the end of the day, once the drive is over - the journey was all worth of an experience, agree?

Diet 101

So you want to take some diet? Yeah, i understand but hey diet should be a prime consideration not just to be sexy alone other than that agenda, Diet should taken as an option to reduce health risks associated with obesity. Speaking of diet, there are so many options to take and even pills and surgical options just to get those excess fats but have you ever asked yourself, what the best and natural way to get rid of fatty particles? Well then, you're at the right post because i will talk about Rachel Ray diet. So whats this diet method all about? Its actually a diet methods featured by Rachel Ray that offers effective and realistic results. Among those diet that he recommends are Acai Berry Diet, Flat Belly Diet and a lot more. But if you want to have a brief info about what I'm talking, visit his page now.

Rainy Tuesday

I was awakened with the call of my hubby. I realized its past 6 and i need to get ready for work. Thanks to my honey who woke me up after a great sleep. Actually, he forgot to drop a call last night because he was too tired. I knew it because we had a stressful day. He asked about what i did yesterday and if i called up Misty and i told him i did but i didn't get any reply. Poor honey, he was on his way home and haven't taken his dinner. On my way to the office, i texted him to just dropped by at any restaurant and then eat there, he said he will just cook when he arrived home. Sooner, i will be transferring home as soon as ill fix everything. Anyway, it's a rainy Tuesday here. I haven't checked yet if there is weather depression in our place. I guess i need to ask my hubby to check it for me. Bye now guys, need to finish some work.