Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adsense Secrets

I started blogging few years ago but there was really no intention at that time of monetizing my blog. It was purely just an avenue to share my daily lifes experience but eventually after i read some of the amazing earnings from friends i realized i wanted to give it a try and thats how it all started. Now i am more fascinated with my google adsense account, as how im going to maximize it and im glad im in the midst of more readings. Its with research and reading that you can gain valuable insights. But i am also happy that each month my adsense account is continually gaining unlike before where i took it forgranted that it just stay in between cents but now after i gave much needed concentration, its has upsurged and months from now i knew i can eventually reap the fruit of my labor. How about you, how do u manage your adsense accounts?