Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Find Your Love

Finding someone who would complete the puzzle is entirely not an easy task. In fact, people who search for love most likely cant find what they're looking for but those who just waited suddenly just woke up and find the love of their life. Its quite amazing to think that in this journey someone would love us like what we want to be loved. Someone would accept us and embrace our imperfections. A man who would protect us like no one else could and of course the right person who could just make things rights. Sounds magical, but yes love is magic. It takes a real deal to really find the one person who would just transform things into something that you wouldn't expect and it takes real magic for someone to accept the ugliest in us.

I came into a point where i hate love and give up on it. I told myself to just stop searching for it and maybe at one point i was at the edge of not believing in its magic but suddenly things fell differently and before i knew it, i was smiling ear to ear because of a special person who came into my life and touch it like no one else could. I came to know him by chance and the door just opened up through a dating site. I never believe in how these dating site works effectively but it does and i am a living proof of how it gives magic into my life. True enough, it isn't easy to find a dating site that will really gives you what you expect in such sites. Some would just use you and worst take advantage of you. That is why its very essential to just join a site wherein dating is fun. If you are in a look out for love then i can recommend one. Join some free online dating sites that has proven track records in dating. Choose a site that has positive feedback's and proven customer satisfaction. I remember one which my friend recommends when she was browsing for sites that offers dating in Springfield and when she join one, she absolutely find the real deal and in few months she has found the right partner.

Indeed, its great listening to successful love stories. Nonetheless, if you are really searching for the right partner then there's no wrong in trying out at some online dating sites. Always, experience is a case to case basis.

He is Sick

I couldn't help but worried about my love being not so well until today. Last night when he called up, i could sense already him having an allergy. I told him to take some med and still he is feeling so ill today. I wish im there to take good care of him. To my honey, please do take good care of yourself. I cant picture life without you and you know im so worried. I love you so much.