Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Recent Killings

This past few days, i was a bit paranoid about the recent killings that took place in Ormoc, What was bothering was the fact that the said incidents happened everyday with same scenario, i mean the said group is allegedly hitting commercial establishments and then rob the place after which they killed the people in the said establishments.
I was on my way home last monday, when a commotion took place, a cashier from a certain store came out from that place as she will already go home to her place, the poor girl was waiting for a motorcab when a group of unknown suspects robbed her bag and shoot her at the forehead, and immedietly flew away. Consecuently, i was at the motorcab when the incident happend, that's why i have really seen in my naked eyes how terrible the have done.
The following morning i've told the incident to my collegues and they have suggested to take precautionary measures with regards to that said gang that created chaos and fear to this place.
Last night i was in deep thought, i guess thats the after math of the incident that shocked my system, maybe the phobia is slowly taking place, but its the other thing that is bothering me, Indeed, death is like a thief in the night. Nobody knows when is our time at the book of life. I have been so busy with my work that ive forgotten my spiritual needs, ive forgotten to tell my significant others how i loved them that much, hopefully its not too late yet to do that, coz who knows its my turn.