Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Blessed Holy Week

Indeed, when it rains it pours!!!

The week started perfectly for me and before the week ends, another pouring of tasks happened on my end. I really never expect things to be this amazing but since the Provider allowed it then i just want to praise him for a blessed week.

Our celebration of the holy week was fantastic, perhaps i could say we had a great food bonding. Why did i say that? In a short span of time, we managed to do few menus and desserts. It was timely as everybody was around and that we can roam around anywhere we want. We had our own version of crispy pata and in fairness to the younger brother, it was the most delicious pata ive ever tasted. While, i decided to make a little dessert for family consumption. I make a home style buko pandan perfect with sweet corn. It was yummy and i decided to use the the sweet corn for a change.

Well, the celebration is not yet over and we are heading somewhere tomorrow. For now, ill keep you guessing first but for sure it would be a fun and great Easter celebration.How about you, where do you plan to celebrate Easter Sunday? wink!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Would You Rent a House or an Apartment?

For someone who is into renting then i think this post is for you...

For quite sometime ive been a disciple of many apartments for rents. I usually had my share of scouting the best nest where i could feel a home ambiance. I remember having had those times where i spent the entire day checking out apartment for rents. I did that when i was still working in a different place when i moved to the next city sometime two years ago. The good thing with the latter, the city had been dominated with junior type of space which is my ideal find as i just live alone. The prices vary depending on the type of space you're looking for, the amenities and of course the type of location. All the while, i am just a fan of apartment homes and never in my thought i considered renting a home.

For one i knew its impossible to rent a home as i am just living alone, but well if my needs opt me to consider that option then i surely will. MY brother does few years ago. In fact, they decided to consider renting the whole house since he lived then with his former gf and the latter's family so considering their space requirements, renting a house is surely a perfect option. There are pros and cons on the choices you made, in as far as choosing between a apartment or a house. Thus, at the end of the day, it's always the comfortability of the people living in that will be the deciding factor.

Just in any case, you think you need to rent a house then i have something to share into. I think its best to scout at They have wide array of great finds in terms of affordable units and houses that are ready for occupancy. You could also get valuable inputs to guide you with the best possible choice you could ever have. As for now, i urge you to check out homes for rent at their gallery and get relevant inputs about the renting process.The good thing about the site is the comprehensive listings of the units available. You just have to search for the city or state then you would be given random searches with detailed information about the unit.

I think its about time you define your perfect rental option and do start checking it out now.

Monday, March 25, 2013

More Blessings for Me


I have so many reasons to smile this week. Just after i've done with a task lately, i was contacted by my favorite client if i could publish his post. A surprise blessing, indeed. Also, i was kinda smiling since i failed to remember that i already reached the minimum pay-out in a niche blogger site i am currently working with. I had few reviews done already with them and since their pay is quite good, i came to know today that i am qualified for payment at the end of the month. A blessed month indeed.

I love how my niche sites works harder for me than my typical personal site. They are also my best buddy in terms of my agenda for full packed advertising. With that, my day started right:)

A trial brigade fumes above the load

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Round of Tasks do in this beautiful Saturday.

Duhhh, am i complaining? Of course not, i just cant help having some mental block sometimes especially these days where my Money Sites is full packed with orders everyday. I am having a hard time doing some interim but this is all blogging is all about. Being a little meticulous and stressful sometimes but the reward is super great. Through this craft, i was able to get things i love and fancy and not to mention a little pampering to my loved ones.

This weekend, allow me to thank my advertisers and to the sites who never fail to give me so much blessings. Everyday, those pay-to blog sites give me a reason to smile about and honestly im getting a nice figues ever since i focus on my niche sites. To bloggers out there, cheers for all the hardwork!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Sale @

Wow, i was at the nearest mall awhile ago and my shopaholic nerves was super delighted. Why not? The mall is having a summer sale and the deals are truly worth of a grab. Well, its not only the mall in my town that is on trend for Summer Sale since most of the stores nationwide and even the prestige online stores where i do my online shopping is also having huge sales.

My recent finds are a plethora of nice tote which is perfect hand carry when you plan for beach getaway. The big totes that most fashion icon love to carry is a staple fashion must have since you can carry anything you want including your kikay kit without being too showy about your excitement. I mostly see celebrities having that sought after tote and when i saw the same kind of bag at ebay then i am really crazy getting it at its perfect deal. Speaking of deals, Isnt it a kind of tickle when we saw our favorite bag on 75% off. Yes, im not kidding as is having a huge sale.

Here's what you need to shop for your summer wardrobe:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Short Term Personal Loan: Get $500 to $5000

The school semester is almost over. With this, it's quite a relief for mommies out there. Why not, it does means a break for an everyday budget for kid's snacks and other school expenses while for mommies whose kids are graduating then this is pretty troubling times. Most of you, im sure are scouting for their graduation needs like new shoes and other things the school requires. I knew some of the schools have pretty limited lists of things to buy but then when you are a mother you always wants the best for your kid.

Well then, if you are in a tight budget because of unending expenses on hand then you might want to consider
No Credit Check Loans. It's a nice alternative than going out on your way or asking help from your relatives. If you are a bit worried with your credit records then might as well apply for Bad Credit Personal Loans. I heard its pretty easy to apply for loans at

So, what are you waiting for. Go get a Bad Credit Loans before you run out of options.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mary Kay Eye Creams

With all the beauty products available in the market, we are oftentimes confused whats to pick and which brand to settle. There are beauty products for whitening, for younger looking skin and there are facial wash and the so called creams. Creams vary in purpose, there are creams for whitening and there are even night creams and eye creams. 

Photo grab online

Eye creams are actually the favorite beauty products of many especially to people who are prone to night affairs. It actually addresses problems on fine lines, dark pores, puffiness and dark circles. Every eye cream has unique formulation but always has the main ingredients to treat problems associated with puffy eyes. But if you're looking for an eye cream that is non greasy and has mild formulation then its best to talk about Mary Kay Eye Creams. Mary Kay eye cream for men is proven to treat bugginess, wrinkles and even fine lines. With so many eye creams that promised to treat your eye bags then its possibly so hard to stick with the right formulation. There you see an eye cream for puffiness and some products offers an anti aging eye creams. If you are a wise buyer don't ever settle to a brand you barely known because you absolutely risk yourself and ends up with just two options, to have a good effect or to regret. Our body is not worth of a risk, if you believe so then its best to pick mary kay anti aging. This is worth every cents you buy for this product because the brand alone speaks for itself. Mary kay anti aging products have the right ingredients and formulations that addresses every woman's problems. They have the best anti aging eye creams compared to other anti aging creams that promised a flawless appearance instantly. A specialized cream for our eye needs is important because it requires a special formulation. In dealing with your dark circles its best to get a product that offers the best eye creams for puffiness, an eye creams for dark circles and most importantly settle with an eye creams with vitamin k. These are important formulations to give nourishment's to your eyes. Don't be fooled with the flowery promises of top eye creams instead look for Mary Kay Eyes that has the track record in treating eye bag problems.Choose the right product for dark circle eye cream.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Special Moments Need to Be Cherished

I was a bit tired today doing few errands but happy too that i completed everything that i need to be done. Now, i have to give time to my blogs. I am really wishing that i will have extra time to boosts some traffic and visit other sites. It was already long time ago that i did that, i was pre-occupied with my two new sites so that plan of visiting other links soon just vanished. The tasks are quite pouring since the start of the year so i blame it too so i lack time returning visits and honestly i missed randmly browsing and checking my friend's sites.

I am really lacking time for my sites and i hope to just skip doing offline things and focus on my sites even just a day. I really hope i can do that. Let's see!! I badly need to just do some quality networking since these days, my normal scenario is usually doing some paid tasks. I still have seven tasks more to do but i am still giving a little interim to all of my sites. I need not to dominate my postings with linkies so since i have an extra time today, i have to do some updates.

Well, i was actually supposed to wite about some quotes i found online but since i overwrite about personal stuff then that would be reserved tomorrow.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Avail of this Top Promo Codes

I am a certified blogging disciple. At present, i am maintaining multiple blogs and few more to launch. See how addicted i am. Don't blame me guys, i just love this craft and i am passionate in building my nests online. Apart from getting online exposures, i also love how i am paid with the things i love. See, how good destiny is to me. I knew i should be grateful to the Provider for having had the chance to pursue what i want to do without compromising my means of income. At that, i am indeed grateful and luckier.

Thus, my love for customized domains began when i realized how i gain more when i started registering my free site to an own domain. I got more tasks, better exposure and of course nice traffic. From that day on, i decided to really avail of own domain. Speaking of domains, as an owner of multiple sites, i really have to take extra effort to get some promo codes for domain just so i can save for registering new domains. I swear i am a fan of promo codes and a contests/giveaway fanatic. So that explains why i stumbled on 
Domain Promo Codes. I always search for better deals most of the time. I want to avail of a nice price off. Well, if you can get means to lower the price then why not do it, right? Recently, i just got a new domain for my first site and i browsed randomly for Godaddy Domain and Hosting Promo Codes and thank God i got one. I immediately availed of it and at that same day my new domain site was launched.

Apart from GoDaddy, you can also get Promo Codes and they offer the lowest price off ever so what are you waiting for, Get your site it's needed exposure. Avail of an own domain at its perfect deal.

By the way, if you want to bookmark an online resource for promo codes then there's no site that offers the best input than It's where i get all my promo codes and so far, i don't stumbled with a problem. Hope you try my resource.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another Goal Fulfilled

It's another productive and joyous day on my end..

The blessings are pouring so as my thanksgiving to the Provider are overflowing. First off, i had another goals for this month fulfilled. This site is already on its own domain so im hopeful that i could get a nice figure for this. Also, i had another self hosted site bought so i think im way too productive. The tasks are overflowing too so, can i ask for more? Certainly not, God is really good to everyone.

Going back, i have actually different plan for this site, ill make you guys keep guessing but it's totally a revamp of an old site. More focus postings and of course more niche centered. As you can see, i am doubling my effort for this blog as you see on my images. Hopefully, ill reap a nice end soon.

It's really nice to go back with my humble beginnings of this blog of mine. When i was so struggling to set this up, when i was at the edge of giving up and even those times where i lost the motivation. This year brings back a nice inspiration for me. I noticed i was extra hardworking and of course i observed more tasks coming as i concentrate on my sites. 

Indeed, i really have unending lists to be thankful about..Let my grateful heart be the living proof:)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paint Your Lips Pink

A pink lips is quite an attractive scene. In fact, i observed most celebrities choose to wear pink lipstick. It must be the present trend nowadays or maybe because the popular celebrity always wear this color. Perhaps both, right?

Honestly, i love to get any shades for as long as i love the quality and would not give extra cracks on my lips but having a pink shades with extra shines is kinda a nice pick. So, today ill be sharing a nice find for women who opt to get a pink shades. Nichido offers a different kind of pink lipstick that not only give the owner a beautiful puffing lips but also gives extra moist to your lips. Why don't you try..

 photo Photo-0174_zps38e3cd61.jpg
Attractive shades, right?

 photo Photo-0173_zps598b0991.jpg
Nichido offers a lite pink shade

Ohh well. i got this lipstick months ago and as you can see, it's still good as new since i love a darker shades but when i feel like going lite and carefree then this lipstick becomes a top pick. So gals, if you are having a hard time getting a perfect pink shade then trust this..

 photo Photo-0172_zpsf714d1b9.jpg

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Secret to Perfect Ice Blasting

Have you heard about dry ice blasting? Perhaps you've been dealing with this term everyday, or maybe your line of work is into blasting dry ice. Then, you must know a lot of things about the perfect machine for doing this, or you might even be in the business of blasting ice. Whatever your background is regarding dry ice blasting, it's time to lend a good ear. I have a good friend who works in a food processing business. He is in charge of the overall control of the processing, and so everyday he is dealing with ice blasting. It came to my knowledge that this friend is busy with his work because their present machine for blasting has been retired and so they do manual blasting which not only takes time but has made production inefficient. At that, it made me realize the importance of having a perfect dry ice blasting machine for efficient production, not only for huge factories but even for ordinary blasting usage. 

 Certainly a high quality, reliable machine is the best partner for production people in order for them to meet their goals and objectives on time. Recently, I stumbled onto a nice resource for blasting ice. I thoroughly read all about the product and the different models available as well. So, I figured this brand is the best partner for people who need a multifunctional blasting machine. It is perfect, highly modernized and of course at a cost that is pocket friendly. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, then it's about time you visit the site to see for yourself It's quite interesting really, and you may need this at your production facility. We all know how hard it is to get a reliable machine in any industry you belong to, so stumbling on a perfect resource is such a huge help, don't you agree?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Best Tattoo Supplies for the Money

I think When i first started my tattoing career while i was a teenager. Sure, it absolutely was unofficial back then, I would use pins and ink from pens to tattoo myself, and my girlfriends, when we were up late watching MTV, back when it used to play the guitar videos. I’ve had my own, personal shop for a few years now, and I’m always looking for the best place to get tattoo needles as well as other supplies. I use a couple artists working together with me, and we’re always in need of what you might find in a tattoo kit and all other essentials I’ve been utilizing to get some killer ink about the good people of L . a .. 

There are thousands of places to shop and search for materials, in case you need high quality stuff, then shop at They have a very great number of guns and will deliver it directly to your home for any cost way lower than you might anticipate a payment elsewhere. If you’re a newcomer, get a gun here, if you’re a specialist, upgrade your materials. When some prospective client coming in seeking to get his first, or her third, or his twentieth tattoo, you’re likely to want to display the very best equipment you will find. Also put up lots of pictures of past work you’ve done, or get yourself a binder and print the photos out very nice and put them within. Put the binder inside the waiting room so people can easily see you’re legit. Even if you’re not. But if you’re not legit, then increasingly reason why you may need good equipment. Good equipment should go a long way - let’s use it this way, the tattoos I make now are far better than the ones That i used to make inside my parents’ attic with pen ink and sewing needles, that’s for certain!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Trend Alert: Over Sized Ring

I am into online shopping nowadays and honestly is becoming a best buddy lately. I just love their merchandise and of course the great service that their extending to their customers.At all times, they make their customer their top priority and having an online account makes the transaction a little easier and handful. You actually can find a plethora of nice and stylish finds here and the other week, i availed of a nice price off for this great fashionable accessory.

Anyway, for an oversized ring finds, you may consider getting this at

While me, i got this over-sized ring as my perfect find..

 photo Photo-0118_zps5781838a.jpg

 photo Photo-0119_zps31cce266.jpg

So, how do you find my latest accessory?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Need a Chiropractic Care

Let's admit it we're not getting any younger and the more we become aged the more that our body became prone to sickness and decreasing its' value. I used to be very active in terms of my body capacity. I mean i can jump around no matter how high is it during my younger years but now i have to think twice doing it not unless i have someone who is an expert in knee care.

Anyway, have you experienced random changes in your body? Like you have more body pains now that you do before. For instance, you do complain about neck or back pain? My dad is one perfect example. Oftentimes, we have a stock for pain relievers in our medicine cabinets cause he is prone to that. I can't help being be in doubt if it's a major health thing or just due to the fact that he is getting old. I knew that aged people complains due to pain in knee, back and other parts of the body. Nonetheless, the case of my father is something we treat seriously no matter how petty that thing is. In fact, they will be flying to the country's capital in the coming days to seek help for a back pain expert and hopefully no serious stuff be found.

Hence, if are experiencing suck kind of pain and you want to be properly aided then you can check out
Meridian Chiropractor. They are the accepted experts on those kind of pain and getting to know more about
Chiropractor will let you treat your pains accordingly. So, guys if you feel your dad needs to know more on 
Meridian Idaho Chiropractor then you can best resort to the sites online.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Revitalift : Reduce the Sign of Aging

I admit im not getting any younger. If there's a chance to be a teenage again then i would be willing to be one. How can i not reminisce a pimple-free skin and wrinkle free face. That time, i don't worry for fine lines, i don't give a thing to anti-wrinkle cream and over all, i enjoyed a cream free face with just a natural powder everyday and im done.  Thus, when i was at my mid-20's u already noticed some changes in face. I was already prone to oil and dirt which makes it hard for me to deal with unless ill have a tissue everytime and do a retouch every now then. It's takes time to visit the powder room every now and then and at the end, i have to look for the right remedy for that.

I have tried different skin care brands already but lately my recent brand amazed me bigtime that it paves the way to share with my readers my anti-wrinkle cream., The brand is actually pricey and it costs more than a thousand here in the country but i assure you it's worth every penny. Of course there are imitation nowadays
but you should be scared of the consequence it might give to your face. So, if you plan to remedy your wrinkles or just make your face a little firmer then trust L'Oreal Revitalift.

My first encounter with the brand is when i was scouting for a night cream. The acne was non-stop so i have to remedy. Also, there were little lines beneath my eyes so i want to vanish. I read about some of the good words of the brand so i tried it. Good thing i have an account online so invest on something worthwhile with my money. In other words, a little spoiling from my hardworking days paved the way to this cream.

Upon application, you can feel a soothing effect on the face. It penetrates perfectly so you can sense its effects in no time. I also noticed that after few days, you face becomes firmer and that the little lines gradually vanished.

Well, if you think you need a little pampering nowadays and that the acne and wrinkles became extra visible then it's about time you trust the expert in skin care.