Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Her Son

I just arrived now, i came from the nearest money sending company to send a little help for my honey pie's housekeeper. Her child is suffering from a respiratory problem and my partner asked a favor for her. Last night, when he called up we talked about her a lot, about her child and about her situation. In fact, it caused us a little fight by which we managed to settle in the end. I have a soft heart for people who needs help but sometimes when i think its a little abusive then i think a couple of times. I never questioned my partner for all the things he does and he did, i dont meddle in whateved he does and the people he helped because i knew he is happy of what he is doing. But sometimes like last night, i felt that his goodness is being abused because those people think that he is the answer to their prayers that almost everything they want will be shouldered by him. He knew that i always supports him in everything that he does and i will never questioned his decision but he also knew that i am a sensitive type of person that whenever i felt something is wrong, i always tell him. I hope really that whatever little help that he is doing will all be worth it. As he said, he choose to settle here because he loves the people in the country and he loves the attitude and cultural upbringing. I do hope that it will remain as is as time passed by.