Friday, August 23, 2013

Woman With Longest Dreadlocks

I am actually thinking of having my hair trimmed at the salon where i had my hair rebonded. I love this high end salon in town as it offers superb service. One fine proof, they don't accept customers when they knew they can't give impressive service. When i had my salon session with them, it took me the entire day since it was treated first before they apply the straightener. I availed of a nice package so up to this day, i can see healthy strand and less split ends. 

Indeed, every woman loves to pamper their crowning glory and that if given the chance i would like to have my hair treated every week. Hence, i am eyeing for a short hair lately because it's more manageable on my end. This made me think, how in the world this woman can manage to carry her long dreadlocks.

Asha Mandela
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Asha Mandela, the woman with the world's longest dreadlocks, credits her hair for helping her pull through two heart attacks, cancer, and two strokes. 'Cutting it would be equivalent to suicide. It would be like being a zombie," the 50-year-old who lives with her second husband and son in Atlanta, Georgia, told the Daily Mail.