Monday, October 12, 2009

On a Trip

My honey is currently on an out of town trip, he has a scheduled business appointments abroad, i was getting crazy this past few days since i havent received any text from him and also i cannot catch him online, apprantly he leaves an offline message about the said trip, its actually a two-week trip so im gonna miss him, i feel so unease knowing that he is not there every afternoon, Sweety is right, our love is so mature and than for almost 3 years that we became us, it already brought us closer to each other, our arguments has not creates gap rather it brings a different bond of getting to know one another better. Honestly speaking, He really brought something great to my life, the word "complete" is more appropriate of what i feel towards my life when i meet him. As ive told hon, happy endings are just for fairy tales but then if ill get hurt in loving him, i will whoheartedly bear the pain if it means having him.