Friday, June 17, 2011

Work of Art

Whenever we see good painter or even just a skilled man who paints impressing work of art, we are deeply amazed about his/her talents, right? When we were at Cebu, we happened to visit an exhibit who features local painters. Their work of art was really impressing. There painting has a heart which you can grasp the true meaning of their humble endeavor. Well, i want to share what ive seen recently in the net. I stumbled on a gallery site and found the amazing enedeavor of Lydia Venieri. I saw a poly carbon bubble which was indeed fantastic. Well you might be curious, then head on to the site.

Photo Canvas

I remember a friend way back on high school, she borrowed her graduation picture because she wanted to look great on our school album. When she invited me for a visit at their house i was surprised to see a personal canvas art of her graduation picture. It was really amazing and her image was optimize to remove imperfections. I realized that you can do plenty of options on your picture, you can do some editing or even asked for a service of a service dompany who caters print on canvas. Mostly the company will do servicing of elegant painted art effect. You can choose photo realistic options and even asked about hues of color that you like. Well a canvas of art is a great guft this Father's Day, right?