Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sharp and Flowery Fragrance

Ive tried this fragrance before and i absolutely like it. Our business partner gave me a Versace and this one (Cool Water by D.a.v.i.d.o.f.f for Women). I love the special scent of this. I actually gave it to my sister and she loves it. Its ideal for daytime wear because it gives a refreshing and a scent of pure ocean air. This perfume possess a femine scent that is irressitible. Whats your taste guys?

Sony Cybershot

The other day, my sister is busy capturing pics at home. She is using the digicam of my brother.

Taking pictures is absolutely fun, but i knew im not fanatic of it really. But if you love collecting pics, you better take a grab of getting your own digi cam. I am eyeing for this and i love its stylish color. Its 12.1 megapixel and a great value. I already inquire the price and im planning to get it by next month. Im planning to have my own cam before my sister fly to Iloilo for her review. I will be going with her to check the place too so the trip would be extra especial if ill have this gadget, right guys?

Dreams and Wishes

My friend was teasing me the other day that my hubby is a bit so possessive on me. I just laugh because i knew he is not. Yes, he phones more than once in a day because he wanted to check that i am totally fine. I mean its no longer a big deal on us because we want to feel ease knowing that both of us are safe. In fact, the other day, he forgot to call me because he was working on a backlog. Out of worries, i texted him that i dont want to talk with him. Poor honey, he hurriedly called up even if he was at the midst of shower. I didnt answer his first few calls because i was a bit of pissed but later on i texted him that im already okey, then he called up again. He was then laughing, i asked him why. He said "i was funny". It made me smile, not because i was funny at all but because we are totally comfortable with each other. We knew our flaws and we totally knew how to give way with one another.

Last night, it was about 8 pm in my time. He just talked in no time like a couple of times within the day with just anything we want to know. From my lunch, what im doing to the question and answer portion which we do usually just to have something to talk about. Anyway, i was doing my beauty regimes when he called. I was laughing thinking that we dont have conversations to tackle coz we already talked everything about all the stuff on the day. But he said, he just called up because he wanted me to check the housekeeper and the headaches we was currently dealing with. He wants me to speak with the person in charge of the house so that he would know what to fix. I promise him to do it the soonest but cant figure out when i can plan a trip to Cebu. I knew i missed the place so much, hanging out at the malls and of course the friends company. I knew i have to be there as soon as possible.

Well, i couldnt think of a nice post now so im sharing stuff that made me smile today. I just want to share my happy moments because as what they've said laughter is the best medicine. Honestly, at this very point, i cant ask no more. Im completely happy with the people sorrounding me and all the blessings that im having. I remember i watched a television show yesterday which gives me an unforgettable line from the host " Dont ever ask what you've done to have all of this blessings because you knew from the very first place that you deserve it". Im referring to none other than Boy Abunda who remarkably gave me an answer to life long dream. yes, i once stopped dreaming because i knew dreams can be just dreams instead i wished because somehow wishes do come true. True indeed.

Have a Great Day!

Just a Thought

Insecurities cannot be treated, thats a fact. Some people would surely envy other people or somehow compete directly or indirectly. However, its not quite good checking on someone else while you forgot to see your reflections in the mirror. I dont see the point too why you have to completely immitate someone else because we are unique in all forms. I even appreciate people who buy their own stuff based on their taste and grooming but totally dislike people who just buy an item because someone else does. Its a complete illusion trying to be someone else when you cant be at the very first place.

I absolutely hated people who are social climber and illusioned themself on the things they cant completely have. I have a good vibes on people who remain down to earth despite the concrete fact that they are really something else. As what my hubby told me, people are really different may it be in personality and attitude. You cant completely expect someone else to behave what you expect them to because we dont hold their brain. But hopefully, they're at their complete sense of checking themselves once more. Do i have what it takes?

Good day!

Do you go For Unique fashion Styles?

I am fond of collecting good fashion stuff. There are accessories i purchased at a cheap price and there are stuff i bought at a good price. Nonetheless, I'm happy that i have a collections of those. I have few items of bags, shoes, accessories and other stuff. I love checking out whats new at some fashion magazines while some i just collect it and wear it when its appropriate in my attire. I remember a good friend saying that she hates to see her dress with similar style with others. I do feel the same way too. I don't pick styles and accessories with same styles as others because i feel awkward wearing it. I remember an instance when i ordered a dress from a fashion reseller company. I decided to wear it in one of my work days unluckily a visitor in the office wear the same. It was one of the unfortunate incidents i deal with because we became the center of attention. How about you, do you go for an original style?