Saturday, January 2, 2010


To all women who had been hurt and always hurt, should learn to give it a try to be brave enough to search for the man who will love and accept us despite great mistakes, and to all men who forgot to value our heart and a reminder that women get tired too.

Happy New Year

Its already the second day of 2010, and allow me to greet all of you a very happy new year and wishing you all a blessed and abundant 2010. I noticed that hours before the change of year, there are less firecrackers now and even lesser noise compared to last year, i dont know id its just because of the heavy rain that really stayed for the entire day and even until today, just so sad, we havent enjoy to the fullest. Anyway, it did not hinder us to celebrate, our annual christmas party was really joyous and fun, a lot of children participated and lots of parlor games were prepared which really ends our 2009 well.To all my visitors, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!