Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Save Yourself From Fire

When a strong quake hit our place, the first thing that comes into my mind is the "end of the world" Apologize guys, but then i can't help thinking that it might happen this soon especially that this doomsday movie was really such a big hit. But anyway, ive been thinking and guessing too if what will be the possible natural disaster that might hit us, is it through water (flood), earthquake, or maybe some wildfire. Yay, God forbids. Speaking of fire, its highly dangerous if this thing hits us, unlike other disasters where we have some escape options - fire is something that would really burn us to death especially if we are on trap. That's why when there is fire in any commercial place, one is advised to immediately seeks for fire exit coz you really have no escape once it goes on your way. Lucky you if you're wearing flame resistant clothing. But in any case, you're just in your typical office suits then then don't think of being a hero. On that note, it made me think as to how is this kind of clothing made, i mean it's a fire protect-ant so it's i guess made up of special kind of fabric, am i right?

To those who haven't seen yet a flame resistant kind then check out this:


You do need this if you're job needs you to wear one. There are other selection of this safety gear which offers high visibility. You just need to get one suited for you.