Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holy Week is coming

Next week is already holy week and its already my favorite time coz its time to spend great monets with my family, no office just rest and all fun. I am planning to have a beach party with my nephews and all our relatives, lets just see! i bet we will spending more time going to church, i forgot to take my confession and recollection...i guess i need to schedule that one immedietly.

What color bikini should you wear?

You Should Wear a Yellow Bikini

Like the sun, you radiate warmth and brighten up everyone's day.

And while a yellow bikini is a bit strange, you have the perky personality to wear one!

Just Quite Busy

hmm, i am quite busy this past few days as i have in lined meetings and appointments that i need to finish. Last night i had a meeting with one of our business partners, it went fine. Today i am invited for a lunch meeting too with one of the owner of my distribution channel. Well, as what my boss says, "dont ever think of how pressured you are, enjoy it coz youll just missed the moments in stress, why dont you take life easily and enjoy each passing day" Its true indeed. Have a blessed day.