Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Is it Pouring?

I am simply overwhelmed by the pouring of tasks today. I got two from an izea site, one from loudlaunch and 5 from sponsored reviews. Isn't it amazing? I am indeed so lucky. Thanks God for all the blessings. Just in time because we don't have work tomorrow, and i need to finish it by this weekend because i knew i still have product reviews to finish everyday. I actually don't expect tasks from sheriff but maybe luck works this time.

Anyway, just done with my lunch and the weather seems so gloomy, wondering why? As with my hubby, he called up before i headed to work. He knew that i am sick so he is in touch as constant as possible. We actually just went through a little misunderstanding but you knew how good my partner is, he is loaded with a never ending patience towards me. I knew i am sometimes moody and childish but then he just tolerate most of these because he knew that its innate in women, is it? hehehehe. I don't know why I'm super sensitive with him, like last Saturday i was so sick, maybe he was so busy that he forgot to return call when i asked him to call. Then i sent him an sms saying that maybe he forgotten me already and in just a minute he was rushing to call me even if he was in the midst of driving. But then we are fine already and he is in fact teasing me that maybe i am just addicted to him that's why i have those attitude sometimes. I guess he is right, i am addicted to his love. I heart you honey.

Good Morning Monday..

Been so long guys, right? Sorry friends ive been so sick last weekend so i opt just to take some good rest. I was really lying in bed most of the time because of the bad flu. On the other end, im thankful that i was given a bunch of task from an advertiser not to mention my product reviews. Well, God is really so good to me all the time. As to my health, i am feeling better. Have a great day guys.