Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy and Delighted

I have so many reasons to smile today. First off, its the birthday of Mama Mary and im planning to hear mass later this afternoon. I took an off from work today coz i have an important matter to attend to. Actually i need to personally check on it because i need to give an update to the hubby the soonest. He actually just call now, he wanted to know if im done with his errands. Gladly, i am finished dealing with it. In fact, i leaved early so that i could see the person immediately. My hubby is a little strict sometimes. He wants a clear and direct answer whenever he wants things done. But of course, i am already used to his attitude coz he just want an urgent response. Im happy with everything thats happening to me and i hope Mama Mary will continue to guide and bless me every step of the way. Have a great day everyone.