Friday, July 15, 2011

Successfully Catch Fishes

Its indeed a lucky day for me. I was able to catch huge fish now and it just appeard in my dashboard. Thank God, He is so goooooooooooooood to me. Well, today is friday. Whats you weekend plan tomorrow? I still dont have yet because ive been tired of roaming around lately. I just wanna sleep and maybe finish my pending reviews. I am trying to balance my time so that i would not take forgranted my pending tasks. Ill post soon my June earnings here. Hope you'll take a sneak peek.


My title seems to be controversial as it is because it implies something eles. It can be a physical illness or might be a scar that was once a bleeding and painful soar of emotional pain. I actually never thought that moving on was quite easy until i realized few stuff lately. Maybe its also true that love heals all wounds and probably you are also right when you believe that time does. Whatever it is, moving forward is a struggle and painful journey of a wounded heart. At first, you'll feel crazy knowing that you can stand alone by your own feet because you are used with the world wrapped by his comforting hands, when he leaves you with no words at all, there you realize that your feet is as strong as your heart.

Honestly, im in deep thoughts lately. Ive been thinking all that happened and all the love that i gave to a former lover. I mean knowing how things went well that time, i was quite sure that we will end up as couples but destiny has its own road and fate is indeed stronger than our wishes and dreams. Just as we thought that we had found the right man, there destiny unfolds its own version. Gladly, he tore my heart into pieces because if not my insanity would leave me with bags full of regrets for a lifetime. I am not saying that it was a huge mistake being on him or having a relationship on him, what i am saying is that - when you just leave it all to HIM to guide you to HIS own destination then you'll realize that he has the best drive of your life. Thus, i am not also saying that my hubby is perfect nor he is the best partner in the world. Yes there are times that i feel pissed, there are times that we feel tired but there its the fact that he always fight for me and for the relationship that made him the best man of all times. Never a moment that i heard of painful words given unto me nor there are circumstances that i felt being the other person in his eye, always he makes me feel that only woman in his life.

I realized that love is also a journey and a battle that we must fight for and win for. Hopefully, ill win the battle this time. I knew im not only fighting for our relationship but i am also trying to win over a man worth of any endeavor. I love you so much Hon.

What i Did?

Yay, It was i guess a decade since i update this blog because ive been super busy the past few days. I actually just arrived home now because i roamed around the downtown to buy for home stuff in preparation of our fiesta. We will be welcoming few visitors from my uncles place so we need to prepare the house for them. I bought two fan, foam and few pillows because we have just limited pillows at home. The good new, we managed to buy a nice coffee set which i love the design. By next week, im planning to buy already our groceries and i promised to treat my mom and my other siblings. Its quite a hole in the pocket but anyway the glow in their eyes makes me feel great whenever i buy them something. Thanks to my honey for everything that he does for me and to my online blessings for providing me far from what i expected. Time to play now.