Monday, December 31, 2012

An Enchanted Night with Family

If there's one thing i loved about Christmas is the the idea that we are complete in the family. My brother who is based on the other City will be at home and everyone seems to be joyous and happy. I mentioned our plan to visit a sough after Christmas village near us and that night happened sooner than expected. Since the brother bought along his car so we had no hassle going anywhere we want.

Before this year comes to an end allow me to post here our extra especial experienced as we visit an enchanting village complete with Christmas decors and everything that this season brings:

The entrance board

A snow filled Christmas

A lazy pose while mesmerized

Funny grandma..

Ohhh, i still have few more photos to share, maybe reserved it for some meme i join.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

To My One and Only Man

If there's one thing i can describe him, it's probably "wordless", why? Because i can't think of the right word that would perfectly describe him. You know the feeling of being taken care of despite the distance that you're currently dealing with. The feeling that everything will be fine coz you know you have someone to cross hand with. Of course, i always tells him that sometimes i feel bad celebrating special occasions alone and those times where you feel just being romantic and the thought that he isn't there just breaks your heart. Nonetheless, we all have different relationship tales. I want to say yes, he might be on the other pole but with all honesty, i never felt being alone since day one.

We had our own fair share of ups and downs. There we faced family problems, there he fixed financial shortcomings, and there he is when i needed comfort and strengths.Yes, i am so much grateful that i have a partner like him thus  it always cross my mind the fact that he has been so good to me yet he didn't asked for anything in return. True love for me is more than of that and basically it's when you know you have to give more regardless of what is it and expecting nothing in return, Ohhh yes, i had been in a long distance affair for quite sometime and the happiest i have so far.

To my one and only partner, to my comforter and lover - you know how much i love you and kept telling you that i will always be here no matter what. Thank you for bringing such unforgettable memories into my life and thank you for all the love and understanding. Above all, you know how much i appreciate your being sweet sometimes and all the effort that you've done for me.

This is for you...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

PH One of the Most Generous Country

It's no surprise on me anymore when i heard the news about the recent survey. Well, on a more personal note i could see people giving to their neighbors even with their limited budget. I mean its so right to tag us as the most hospitable people and than being generous is a right term in general.

So, what the latest survey, here's an excerpt:

The Philippines shared the ranking with Finland, who also had a score of 45 percent. Meanwhile, Australia was ranked the most generous country with a score of 60 percent. Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the United States rounded out the top five most generous, all ranking high in terms of donating money. Filipinos, meanwhile, got a relatively low score of only 32 percent when it came to money donations, but ranked fifth overall in terms of volunteering, with a score of 44 percent. This score is the highest of any other country in Southeast Asia. As for helping strangers, Filipinos got a score of 58 percent.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas.... one and all. I hope everything is on set for the coming Noche Buena later. So, what did you prepare? Any sweets, roasted pig or fancy pasta recipes. I knew there's this thing in us to make this special occassion quite memorable. Ours too as we want to make it as memorable as possible no matter how simple our dishes are. So, my brother is already at home and taking charge of his other stuff. I had my nail pampering done awhile ago and to date, i am already done with my sweets. Quite excited for this eve's happening and i am grateful that no matter how simple the celebration what's important is we are complete and everybody is fine.

Really time flies so fast, i mean it's still fresh from my mind about last year Christmas celebration and here we are again preparing for another holiday event. I happened to remember a news figure expressing his thought on our personal views of holiday, he quoted that our celebration for Christmas depends on what happens on the entire year which basically became our benchmark as to how we perceive the holiday season. I somehow agree with him and let me say i am having a great holiday celebration. I don't have everything but i am simply joyous with little things that i have and i had.

This year was quite extraordiary for me. I celebrate few milestones of my life and i shouted for small achievement like for instance, this is the year that i was accepted by the most elusive pay to blog site, i had a good advertisement portfolio and i augmented my sites pretty well. Modesty, i also have invested out of my blogging money and more than anything else, i have learned a lot of things from blogging which i am grateful of.

I really hope that i would have a better blogging career in the coming year and more blessings to come..

Cheers everyone and wishing you a blessed Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank You!!!

A Simple "thank you" to start my post here. I knew i am so much blessed that i sometimes wonder if i deserve it. Grateful too that i manage to do all my tasks due and i am honestly satisfied. I will be very busy in the coming days so i might not give them my full attentions. Timely, as i was at my perfect mood. I was soo productive this week that as i've said i always have tasks to do everyday.

Well, i figured i was extra busy these past few days running online and offline errands. Yesterday, i brought my nephew to the mall to get her a good dress for Christmas and it was exhausting trying to oversee the kid while i was shopping for other clothes for my cousins. I am almost done getting gifts and hopefully i didn't forget any. Today, i will be getting a present for my family members and tomorrow i'll pick up my grocery. Good thing my brother brought his car so i don't have problem to transporting it. Hayst, extra activities are coming too as we planned to visit the Christmas village in the next town. The convenience of having the car is really a big help and the holiday is really making me smile these days.

How about you guys, are you all done with everything? Hopefully...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Avail of Payday Loans for Bad Credit This Holiday

I understand dear as the coming of the holidays, expenses are skyrocketing. In fact, we seem to overspend on this holiday season that we sometimes end up borrowing just to make sure we will have a nice dish for the Christmas Eve. Quite not practical, right? Like yours, i seem to buy the idea of just availing loans on cases of emergency. Thus, in case you need one, do grab the chance to avail of online processing, anytime - anywhere.

So, i hope we will bear in mind the true essence of loans. I mean we fail to recognize that we do avail of it because we are short of financing and that we need to avail of other options because we're broke. Getting Bad Credit Personal Loans Online is so easy. In fact, there are sites that offer less paper requirements and speedy process. For instant cash, you can avail of Quick Bad Credit Personal Loans and i knew  a site that offers a quick and speedy process.Im actually talking about A perfect loan resource for instant personal loans.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Productive Mode

Good morning bloggers!!!

How's you week so far? I hope blessings are pouring like how the rain manage to catch my attention this morning. To start with, Yes, its still a productive week. I've got direct advertisers and more posts in queue. I am really grateful i have a nice advertisers this month. The recent get paid to publish site amazed me and every week, i have a fair share of blessings.

Productive that is, done publishing an article, make a wordless entry, update here and publish an advertiser's article. Another batch of tasks to come. I still have another order at another paying site and maybe i will just schedule it tomorrow. Thank God for the pouring of blessings.

Have  great Wednesday!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Frugal Toad Winter Giveaway : Win an Easy $200 Paypal Cash

An easy money will surely shift your mood, right bloggers? Truly it does especially with the coming of the big day where an extra augment from our respective budget is a perfect gift. Have you tried joining giveaway or blog promos? Yes i did once and i won. Lucky me indeed. Well, i just shared the link of the giveaway and published a post and after a month, i was notified that i won the necklace. It was the first time i join and honestly, i had an ear to ear smile.

So today, i have a nice share to everyone. I recently stumbled about Frugal Toad Winter Giveaway and the amazing pot money is $200. Yes, you read it right? Where can you get an easy $200 nowadays, why don't you try your luck. There are easy ways to win..Here are those:

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Shootings: Our Condolonces

I was saddened when i learned the shootings incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School at Connecticut. The incident took away the lives of 20 innocent and beautiful children which was so awful to figure it out. I mean these children where just there to enjoy and learn new things unfortunately their lives were cut short because of an evil man.

I was teary eyed when i saw the parents patiently waiting for confirmation if their little tots was among the victims of the tragic event and i heard people screaming and going to nearby church to find solace. My heart is really grieving for the fact that these parents were not in control of the situation and that one fine day day, they just heard the new broke unto them - their child was no longer alive. See, how could a parent manage to accept that when you have all the hatreds and anger in everything that happened.

The Deacon just assured that they will be with them in their grieving moments and i certainly believe that our prayers will eased their emotional baggage's by now. I hope the authority's and lawmakers will find this incident not only a source of information but also a lesson to make way for a new law protecting our little angels.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Productive Week Again!!!

How many more days to go before the big day? Not sure but i knew the days seem to fly so fast.As of this typing, i already wrapped more than ten gifts and placed beneath our tree. Aside from my god children, i decided to give small tokens for the children i knew personally. I just thought, it will give then a smile for sure and those little amount may mean so much to them, anyway ive been so much blessed and i've promised that my earnings for this months will go to them.

Yesterday, i happened to be in the mood to shop and roam around. I found this pool set toy and i've been thinking that this little boy will surely feel good if he received this kind of gift. So, i get it and get a nice barbie for his little sister. They're not my godchildren but having known them for quite sometime then i think giving them a little gift will just make a difference. I had a great time wrapping the stuff i picked last night complete with cards and personal touch. I just want to make it something especial. This time, i make sure i get the best thing i can get to them regardless of the price, it's my own little way of giving out what has been abundantly given to me.

As with my online tasks, im not yet done still no matter how i try to finish them all, I still have few more tasks to do on my home and living. I published 4 posts today and im already tired. I need to get some fresh ideas first for the rest of the orders. In short, i had a productive week and hopefully more tasks to do still over the weekend.

Have a great Friday folks....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday

You probably are surprised what's with this meme again. Well, i certainly need to drive traffic to my sites and to get my goal slowly, i have to sign up with some blog meme dominating all over the web. I am already a fanatic of Wordless Wednesday and now this blog will host a Mellow Yellow Monday.

To start with, my entry for this week is the bright hue footwear i got recently, It has a big ribbon at the center and the nice design just compliment this pretty sandal. Here is it:


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loud Launch: Outstanding Customer Service

Loudlaunch has been in the paid blogging service for quite sometime and this very day i want to give them an extra credit for having had an impressive customer assistance. Of course, each site has a unique support staff but this site really amaze me much. They are responsive to every blogger needs, they have friendly staff and above all they give superb service to every advertiser.

In fairness to them, they are the only site that offers post editing and that they make sure that before the post goes live, the advertiser will benefit the most of every penny they pay for blog advertising. They also make sure that advertisers can get the most of the service. Talking about shortlisting top caliber bloggers and to that they make sure that their client's needs be broadcast in a portal where one has sufficient traffic. Apart from that, clients get speedy and fast transaction. They just have 48 hours to accept the post and same grace period to verify. It means that every time a post is assigned to you, in a matter of days the post must be live so as to serve the client perfectly.

To business owners who wants to experience the best blog advertising out there there's only one i can proudly recommend and that's no other than Loudlaunch. A big thumbs up to the staff. You're doing an excellent job.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Industrial Cleaning Partner

I buy the idea of efficiency and effectiveness of the product, rather than solely relying on the item's price value. I mean most of consumers will literally choose or pick an item that has a cheaper price tag since it means you can save few bucks, but what they fail to consider are the benefits and advantages that can actually be gained by choosing this product. Now, let's head on to the effectiveness of [dry ice blasting]. I used to wonder how this method was used and what's its huge benefit was compared to other blasting platforms. My uncle used to work in an auto repair shop. He is very keen on details and his output is really impressive in terms of getting all the work done in time. One time, he was working on this rubber mold and I was surprised to know that he had this dry ice blasting equipment. It was the first time I took a good look at what he was doing and surprisingly he adopted the recent innovation in mold extrusion. I was simply impressed as to what he was doing and upon research, I came to know that ice blasting is not only used in mold eradication but also to remove spores, to clean food contaminants and many more applications. 

There are plethora of ice blasting machines to choose from depending on your needs and it's intended applications. So, its imperative that you choose high quality, multi-functional, ergonomic and of course reliable equipment. Don;t just buy a brand you barely know. Trust your ice blasting needs to the experts in the field, and the good news is that you have a wide array of products to view. The question now is where? I would like you to head over and browse the collections available at This online resource simply gives you the best products and is very informative about ice blasting. You can't go wrong with them.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Earn by Publishing

There are endless possibilities to earn through the net and lately it's getting exciting and exciting. As a blogger, we are usually paid by doing reviews, placing links and maybe sharing our personal opinions on products that an advertiser wishes to market on our respective portals. There are few times that i was given free products in exchange of a review and it honestly gave me an overwhelming feeling.

This is the first year that i considerably called myself a blogger disciple. I mean i earned quite a good figure compared last year or the other year by which i wasn't that establish yet. I am not of course claiming that i am now but i could possibly say that i am doing pretty well on this craft. This year, i have augment my blogs inventory, did comparably more reviews, monetized my site well and of course i have more direct clients than i used to have and hopefully more in the coming year/years.

So, apart from earning through paid blogging. I discovered a site that pays just by publishing some guests posts and it's really exciting. Just consider copy pasting the article and you're done. No sweat. While, if im working on paid blogging, i have to research and construct good reviews so as to please my clients. Thus, my recent find is a big help.

When i started, i submitted my first niche site but was declined perhaps because it has more paid reviews than the usual link free article. Then, i submitted my second site and there it was accepted. Thankful that i have this site and decided to make it a niche. After bidding for few articles, my site was eventually noticed and i got few guest posts to publish. I already publish the first one and will just do some interim then follow the second one.

Well, the good side, i was paid already a minute ago and it really surprised since it offers fast and quick payment. Hopefully. more posts to come.

If you are interested to know what im talking about then do leave a comment and i'll share the link.

A Blessed Day Bloggers :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Super Typhoon "Bopha" Near Land

I've been in close watch about this super typhoon since Friday and honestly im scared if it possibly hit us anytime soon. Its gustiness and strong winds made me want to just stay at home but with i don'y know anything that i'll be fear of with my God at my side always.

Anyway, for those who didnt check yet the location of this super typhoon, just have a short update:

Public storm warning signals have been hoisted over several areas in Visayas and Mindanao early Monday as feared super typhoon "Pablo" (international codename "Bopha") approaches land.

 "Typhoon 'Pablo' has slightly weakened as it moves west northwestward," the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomic Services Administration (Pagasa) said in its 5 a.m. update.

 Pablo was spotted 700 kilometers southeast of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur 4 a.m. Monday, with maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometers per hour (kph) and gustiness of up to 210 kph, Pagasa added.

 The typhoon is expected to make landfall Tuesday.

 Public storm warning signal #2 has been raised over the province of
Surigao del Sur and the northern part of Davao Oriental.

 Under signal #1, meanwhile are the following areas in Mindanao: -

Surigao del Norte including Siargao Island -
Dinagat Island -
Agusan del Norte -
Agusan del Sur -the rest of Davao Oriental -
Davao del Norte including Samal Island -Compostela Valley -Bukidnon -
Misamis Occidental -
Misamis Oriental -
Camiguin -
Lanao del Norte -
Lanao del Sur 

Also under signal #1 are the Visayas areas of: -
Siquijor -
Bohol -
Biliran -
Camotes Island -
Southern Leyte -
Leyte -
Eastern Samar -
Western Samar.

Source: Yahoo/ph

Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Rid of Allergy

It was supposed to be a fine day but the allergy had visited me last night so i spent the day with my doctor again. This time i got my own nasal spray, an anti asthma and headache reliever. Hayts, ive been spending quite a big amount already this week alone and i regret not taking good care of my body that well. Good thing, my ever supportive mahal is there for me. I immediately contacted him last night about this asthma attack and so he asked me to be at the clinic early morning. I accompany my sister and its really nice that someone is there for me but guess what, the brother also came while i was at the clinic so after my check up, we headed to the nearest restaurant for a joint lunch. I couldn't ask for more with my family. They're there for me all the time, and also to my special someone for really making sure im fine. I will always forever be indebted to them.

It's a holiday folks so we should enjoy the rest of the day. Ill be taking a full rest later with my decongestant med and hopefully, ill have a good sleep later. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Spam Folder!

If i'll have the choice to read my spam folder, i would rather just do it when i'm less busy. I mean most of the time i read nonsense items that sometimes would just makes me laugh. Some of those messages came from spammer who wish to scam any amount from the mail owner. I remember opening up messages about packages that i need to claim, a huge amount of money under my name and more in between.

Hence, i wouldn't just take negative credit to this garbage email bin. I mean i can still remember vividly how i manage to earn an instant $250 for a guest post article. This message sender was on my spam box asking me if i accept guest post articles. The first time i read her message, i already knew it's just one of the many spammers wishing to catch your attention but i don't know what came into my mind that i replied to her and told her that i do accept guest articles and mentioned my terms and conditions. The following day, she managed to replied back and told me she would like to offer $50 for every publish articles. I already doubt her sincerity and just leave her hanging. The following week, i received another message from her letting me know that the article is ready for publish but i didn't do so and take her forgranted. She was really persistent that she always reminds me if i already publish the articles. So, out of pity i publish her article and emailed her back that im done without expecting any payment in return. Sometimes, i am more concern on the valuable inputs of the post than any other else but to my surprise she asked for my paypal email.

Absolutely, i was also wishing the offer was true and the next day ive found the nice surprised. She is indeed the director of a web marketing company and yes, she paid me with an easy $250 for publishing 5 articles on my niche sites. Apart from that, she managed to choose my other sites and publish few posts too.

Now, i realized how our judgmental mind sometimes gives us a not so good result on our end. Sometimes, its best to try and just trust our instinct. By now, i realized the value of SPAM. It maybe a trash folder for the rest but for me its sometimes a folder of surprises.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

One more week to go and we will be welcoming the last page of this year's calendar. Funny, but the days seems to be so fast that i didn't barely noticed that it's almost the end of the year.Well, if there are things that i love about the holiday season, its the joyous thoughts and spirit that it dominating the world. It's like everybody seems to be nice, generous and the world seems to be full. Hopefully, it will last until the coming years.

On the other side, Christmas is also a time for gift giving. Many of us are preparing for our budget to this season as we tend to share our blessings we received for this year. I'm no exemption too as i'd like to paint a happy smile to my loved ones and to the children that i shared the candle. I already had few gifts bought but still not enough to cover my lists.

Anyhow, today i will be talking about an early gift from my brother's girlfriend. She just arrived the other day from Sweden and to our surprise, she really made an effort of giving us early surprises. The girls (my mom, sister and me) have the same presents but differs in style. We all have new bags courtesy of the kind (to be sister in law (wink*). The sister got a nice leather sling bag and my mom got a black hand carry bag while me was something special. I wonder why i got a different pick. She asked me beforehand what i want, i told her that i prefer a bag (prior to my online shopping months ago). I forgot that i asked her this present but i'm equally surprised coz she got a fabulous find.


a nice clutch bag with feathery details

And of course, the gift her arrival wouldnt be complete without these:


The nephew was smiling from ear to ear as the fridge was full packed with those yummy chocolates. 

Thanks sis for all these great presents...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zalora Shopping Experience

I mentioned in one of my posts previously about trying out the service of this blossoming online shopping hub Zalora Philippines. Actually, its more of a curiosity how this service company works that made me try to order here. So, one fine Saturday, i decided to browse randomly at the site. I was honestly stunned because they offer wide array of amazing choices from fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and almost everything you want, they all have it there. My eyes got freeze in their flats section. I am more in love with flats now as i find it comfortable for daily wear. Then i decided to place an order on a yellow sandal that i found attractive. I immediately put it in my cart and proceed to check out. I used my online payment system as my mode of payment and it works without hassle. After which i received a notification about my order and i just thought that maybe it will be process the following business day.

Come Monday, i got an email from their staff that the bag i was eyeing was no longer available and they asked me if i want to refund my payment and i emailed back to tell them that i will do it. The following hour, i got email again from them saying that my first order was ready for shipment and it warms my heart really, i said to myself they're "fast".

Tuesday, they sent me my tracking number and early morning of Wednesday, i got my order at my doorstep.

Zalora has personalised box***

The sandal was with a piece of paper covering the terms and conditions and exchange policy

Finally here's my on hand order..

Thanks Zalora for a wonderful shopping experience. You're fast and convenient. Till my next purchase.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally Got the Client's Souvenir

I finally got two package today, one was my order from Zalora and other one was from an advertiser from China. I didnt expect a nice present from them though i knew it would be something nice knowing them as a prestige company. They had it shipped through a special courier and was later just picked up by a local shipment firm to deliver it at my doorstep.

I had the chance to choose from a variety of gifts that they offered but i choose something that would be a remembrance, so a home decorative was the one i picked. So later today, i was told that my package was ready for pick up but i advised them to just have it delivered and here's what they prepared for me:





Thank you to the kind advertiser for this precious gift :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Monday Grin!!!

Good Morning Monday!!!

The rain is still nonstop yet i find this day truly worth waiting. I have few reasons to celebrate apart of course from allowing to live this day. One of those that made me smile today is the email from a client about a gift that she had sent in exchange for a product review. This craft really amazed me, i have had the chance to get freebies for just mere writing about them, amazing right?

So, she emailed the tracking number and i was just curious so i checked it online.The package came from China and it warms my heart knowing that i can have such stuff delivered to my place in no time. Hence, what made me smile bigtime is the fact that this stuff is shipped through a special courier and i appreciate really this company. Here's the recent tracking details i've got. I'll surely feature this stuff when i have this on hand.


Thank you to all the kind advertisers who sent their freebies and of course more to come..:)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Saturday Adventures

Unlike the previous weekends, i was a bit busy today. I started my day early as i have to attend the baptism and prior to it was a Pre-Jordan seminar so i have to be early. Being not a morning person is really a struggle waking up early but then i have to do it or else i will have my own share of limelights (lol). The funny thing, i was at the mall the other day to get some gift but i couldn't figure out what to get coz im afraid if i get some baby dress, it might not fit perfectly. I asked some saleslady to help me get a gift and they suggested about a variety of baby stuff and as i run out of time, i got this.

Infant pillow set

Ohh, when i had my share of feeding my eyes with those baby stuff, it made me want to have my own bundle of joy. I will surely have fun shopping my own stuff, at that time:)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cetaphil Awarded as the Best Facial Cleanser

Cosmopolitan, the beauty magazine in the Philippines with the highest readership1, recently concluded the eagerly awaited annual Cosmo Beauty Awards. The August 2012 issue features over fifty of the best goods chosen among hundreds of products commercially available.


Cetaphil, the country’s most prescribed skin care brand by Dermatologists and Pediatricians2 was heralded as the Best Facial Cleanser.

 “From the strongest to the most sensitive of skin, the lotion-like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, 250mL, Php 288.75, is great across the board,”   

                                                                                      Regina Belmonte
                                                                                 Assistant Beauty Editor

t is truly amazing that even at 65 years, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is still the most prescribed cleanser by Dermatologists and Pediatricians and now highly regarded by beauty experts in the Philippines. Indeed, skin care is Cetaphil care.

Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

This is an amazing day for me!!!

Christmas season is still on countdown but the kind Provider showered me with great blessings that made me joyous. I don't know what i did in my life but i knew God see it through the heart. I just can't give out some details but i am happy.

On the other end, my man breaks the news that still Obama reigns and he was frustrated upon finding it that up until he was set for work, he was not not in good mood (stubborn) Despite me being sleepy, i still managed to reply to his numerous rant messages. I can't blame him, according to my love Obama set higher taxes to business firms and knowing how they struggle, he still don't listen to their plea. But the good side, he is doing good, in fact more profitable that he expects things to be. He just arrived from a trade show at LA and new investors are at bay.Good signs indeed..

So, just giving some updates and be working for my online assignments in awhile. A Blessed day too to my blogger friends...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pocket Change : Editor's Pick

I started blogging four years ago with no concrete plans and directions. I was just excited sharing my everyday thoughts. To have an online diary is just my end goal and monetizing it probably was just secondary. I already heard about few people earning their living through blogging. And when i first heard about them doing the thing online, i was honestly amazed. I couldn't believe we can earn bucks just by typing and sharing non sense posts. When my time came, i was slowly impressed by the passive income i was receiving then but few months more and the craft became addictive, i realized i wanted this field and embark more.

The struggle years was really not easy. I could still vividly remember my first year in blogging, I asked a lot and read a lot. I never had any background about coding nor basic tutorials from bloggers. I just trust my instinct most of the time. Going back, i could say i have triumphantly surpassed the novice part and yes im still struggling but i'm better than before. Yes, i do already received great pay in exchange for sponsored reviews, goodies from kind advertisers and appreciation from nice circle of blogger friends.

Thus, today i will be talking about my recent award from a blogging network, This site is an editor's pick of Pocket Change.They're a shopping blog directory. An online resource for all your fashion needs and more. Since this site more or less patronize fashion and beauty posts then it became one of their pick nonetheless other factors contributory for being an editor's pick are as follows:

This award is presented to blogs that we find exceptional and outstanding. Blogs that have a high amount of followers, have quality content, and are fun and enjoyable for readers. You have far exceeded these guidelines which is exactly why we would like to present our Editor's Pick Award to you.

So, To Pocket Change staff and administration, a big thanks for this award:

Pocket Change's Editor's Pick!
Pocket Change

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Latest GoDaddy Promo Codes

I recently bought a new domain to upgrade my blog's inventory. Since, i have few sites to launch i decided to scout for promo codes. I badly need one to avail of a nice price off and of course to pay less. I have google it several times to make sure i got the updated promo codes but to my dismay, the one i choose is already expired and not available.

You see guys, no matter how flowery the description of the site sometimes they tend to misled us and it's such annoying especially if we are in the middle of a check out. No doubt, i always trust: GoDaddy!!

For my domain, hosting and other web services that i am into. They offer the cheapest and superb service in all their products and services. They also have affliate programs so while you're enjoying discounts, you could also get some commissions for just referring them to your friends, How about that? So, with their impressive service, i decided to avail all of my sites it's own domain and i trust them all at GoDaddy. While in a look out for Godaddy Coupons, i just feed my eyes first with their programs and domain sale as who knows i can be lucky to get a nice deal.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Want to Have an Ageless Beauty?

Forever Young 

Everyone fears the aging process. There are several avenues you can pursue in the anti-aging process. Whether you utilize natural measures or undergo beauty treatments, you can reduce visible aging significantly so you can look as young as you feel. 

 Lifestyle Changes 

The earlier you create healthy habits the easier it is to keep your skin appearing young. Some common lifestyle changes to improve skin health include: Quit smoking. If you don’t smoke, that’s great. If you do, consider quitting. Maintain a healthy weight. Your weight should not fluctuate over 5 pounds during your lifetime. Weight gain or weight loss will cause skin stretching. Ideally, your body mass index (BMI) should stay under 25. Exercise regularly. Exercise is good for your overall health, including your skin. According to SELF Magazine, you are up to 30 percent less likely to die in the next 20 years if you exercise at least 2 hours a week. Avoid foods and drinks that will stain teeth. Common culprits include coffee, tea and soda. Have regular cleanings to avoid plaque buildup. Stay hydrated. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to avoid dehydration, which makes the body look aged. Filtered water (either for drinking or showering) helps avoid harmful chemicals such as chlorine. Use SPF. Wear sunscreen year round. UV rays can damage skin, making you appear older and increasing your risk of skin cancer. Keep stress levels down. Stress can worsen any health condition and can be noticed physically, giving you a haggard appearance. Practice regular relaxation techniques to decrease daily stress. 

Beauty Treatments 

Facial Fillers. Most facial fillers use hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin. Juvederm is a common brand name facial filler. It works by restoring volume while re-hydrating the skin at the same time. A few other options include collagen and synthetic microspheres. You can receive these treatments at many clinics, such as the Juvederm NYC clinic. Juvederm XC is an injectable gel that is FDA approved to last up to one year. Most dermatologists or plastic surgery offices offer treatments. 

Botox Injections

Botox injections help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines by blocking nerve impulses to the effected muscles. Most Botox injections are given between the brow muscles.

 Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal). 

Blepharoplasty is a popular procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the eyelids, caused by drooping eyelids or puffy eye bags. 


Liposuction is a surgery that removes fatty deposits from target areas of the body.

 Downtime is generally just a few days.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kids Do Fall in Love Too...

Instead of the creepy posts/pics to share, i more want to give butterflies to my readers. I am simply stunned whenever i saw kids already showing their love affection. Well, i find it rare since i am used with them being just naughty and wild and them being romantic, its outrageous for me. So, one fine day. I found this two little tots on play. I find them having a great time and in just a snap i already saw something weird from this two bundle joy. Are they exclusively seeing each other? Woot...

So, here they are...


My romantic entry for Wordless Wednesday..

Show me Your Footprints...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diet Solution Program

In few years of blogging, i also have read numerous times about weight loss articles. Some are those stunned me as they offer quick solution to those unwanted fats but also some of the methods are not quite advisable as i knew it has long term effect to the body. I started to rant over my body weight when i started earning on my own. The privilege of having been able to buy anything you want made me crave for those mouth watering food and without me noticing, i am already in a dilemma how to shed out those fats. I used to be skinny before. I can wear tight jeans and even skinny leggings but now yes i can still wear those outfits but most of the time i have to find the last size which is quite a frustration on my end.

However, when i do discipline my self, i can attain the weight i am eyeing to. The other year, i used to jog a lot and yes it does helps me lose few kilos but of course when you are part of a team or work environment where you work during owl days then you must think again if you still can jog early morning. Thus, i can always say that there is always a right way to lose few kilos and when you have found the perfect way then be prepared for a sexy transformation.

My last search for a perfect diet solution program gave me a interesting input that up until now made me research for more. Unlike the other way of diet that prevents you from eating food you like, this diet method is contrary to the old school ways. You can eat great and be healthy while working on those unwanted and saggy fats. The Diet Solution Program was proven to be effective as been confessed by a certain teenager who used to be obese but by following this program, she better understands her body condition making her choose the right and healthy food for her.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lucky Me!!!

Woot!!!! im celebrating small things and i should keep it that way. I am just thankful i am a bit lucky today, wondering why? Well, the other day the advertiser requests to change the link color of my site because it's unseenable and me being a no computer nerd, try to fix its html code and apparently it didnt turned out well. I decided to experiment today and it went well, as you can see my link is already in pink color. Thank God.

It's past 11 am and i am task to do something today so i better get my ass now. Have a great day folks!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just Taken Away,,,

First off, i want to apologize to my readers for having had the chance to read some personal matter i aired in my sites. I knew i shouldn't have done that as anyone can read those and the comments that i have been receiving made me realize, i should choose what i need to be publish and not because i am the owner that i can just abused anything that concerns and that includes ranting my emotional baggage's.

Yes, i had been hurt and one way to just lessen those is to just open it up. My hubby was right, there's nothing wrong in keeping yourself grounded and when i just think of the blessings that the Almighty God has bestowed on me, do i need to do this? There would just time that we have our own weaknesses as human being but rest assured that i will make it less public and refrain from using any of my sites.

To my readers and closed blogger friends, thank you bearing with me in the rough times.. Just be assured that you can read just informative posts and less personal rants. To that, a blessed Sunday to one and all.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yahoo Domain Names for only $1.99

Good morning people!!!

I'm back for my online tasks and i will surely not missed doing it. I had a fabulous day and the event which will be scheduled today was successfully done. Thank you to the nice weather and to the Almighty for giving us the chance to do the best that we can.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Yummy!! Yummy

Since i had my loving partner in the picture, it already became a tradition that we always share something for my loved ones. Whether its their special occasions or their natal day. Mostly, we give them a special present on both special days. Gladly, my man is a sweet and thoughtful partner. I don't need to ask him to do these or we will buy that. He would always tell me to buy something for my family or for anyone in the family. So, as my entry for wordless Wednesday, i had these yummy cakes on share:




Ohh i forgot my dad's cake, anyway sharing for 


Monday, October 22, 2012

GoDaddy Promo Code Lists for October

I just received a notification recently that my other domain is for renewal. Good thing, GoDaddy has this kind service which makes the customer prepared and got the chance to think if he will renew the domain or not. There are just other hosting firms that will just shut down your website or make it down for few days without any notification of an expired domain or hosting which is so mean to me.

Other than the price packages, one thing that i look into when getting a hosting service is its quick response for inquiry and assistance. I surely would give a nice thumbs up if a firm has 24/7 customer assistance and that you can avail of great deals and discounts when renewing your account. Call that a loyalty priveledg but it really feels good when i can avail of discounts or renew my account with them with an off price. Sounds like a smart customer but hey, who doesnt want a nice price off from a regular tags, not i of course.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Christmas is indeed on countdown as the weather speaks for the coldy season. No wonder, i had my allergy since the other day and i immediately take my anti allergy med for relieve. I am no exemption on those folks who rants about morning allergy because since i was on my teen days, i was always hit by these. Good thing, its getting rare these years but i still have it.

On the other end, i am updating this site before i publish an sponsored review. Few more to come and i am already getting lazy to finish them all. I've thought i just have few in mind but i was given another set today. Spare me, but then it's God's way of letting me know that i am blessed. So, do i have the right to complain, i guess not.

Have  a Blessed day Bloggers....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Widest Promo Codes: Grab Now!!

I'm a certified blogging disciple. Could you believe that when im alone at my room, i am brainstorming as to what's my next article about and sometimes i have to take notes so that i could take advantage of the pouring of ideas. I knew some bloggers can relate to this especially if you're maintaining multiple sites. It's sometimes hard to start a post especially if you don't have any idea at all to share. So, i started this craft few years back and i could stay that i've learned a lot in the process. I started from a free site until i buy the idea of creating a self hosted site and as of this typing i have 4 domain sites catering a variety of niche. So where do i trust my domain requirements?

It's not a secret that offers the widest and grandest domain and hosting needs. They offer it at the least price than with other company. They have great customer support and proven to uphold customer satisfaction 24/7. As i was saying, with my domain requirements starting to dominate my budget every now an then, i have to look for ways to save and pay less. One of the perfect means to do so, is availing of promo codes. Yes, i do scout for promo codes one's i purchase my domain. Where do i get mine?


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


There are little dreams
 In the sky 

 They soar 
And swoop 
And Fly
 In the sky.

 Big ideas float around
 In the sky 
 The wander like cattle 
Grazing of dreams. 

They Jumble and mumble 
In the sky 
 Stars watch 
In the sky 

 They glare And stare 
And look 
In the sky 
 Big starry dreams
 In the sky


Friday, October 12, 2012

Barkada Trip to Palawan?

Then grab the chance of spending a great night at Palwan by just installing the app at Facebook. It's easy right?


The mechanics are simple, take a look at it below:


For complete promo mechanics, log on to Lipton Philippines on Facebook. 
 DOH-FDA Permit No.1394 s. 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Supreme Court Heard Their Plea

With numerous petitions to stop the Cyber Crime law, at last today the SC issued its first ruling:

An excerpt below:


The Supreme Court (SC) has issued a temporary restraining order against the highly controversial Cybercrime Prevention Law, following several petitions to amend or junk it. In its en banc session Tuesday, SC barrrf the government from implementing the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act.

 The TRO is already in force, and will remain so for 120 days. According to the TRO signed by SC Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal, the Office of the Solicitor General has 10 days to comment on petitions filed against the Cybercrime Law. The Supreme Court deliberated on 15 petitions asking it to void the Cybercrime Law and resolved to have them consolidated. 

 The Court has also set oral arguments on the petitions on January 15, 2013. At the same time, the Department of Justice will follow the SC order to put the implementation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act on hold, DoJ Secretary Leila de Lima said Tuesday.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking Advantage of Internet's Resource

For the past few days, the world wide web is bombarded with few issues which actually centers on responsible usage of the latter. Yes, we all knew how great this toll is. From helping you with your research, shopping online, paying bills, reuniting lost contact from former classmates and a lot more. Nonetheless, no matter how we tackle the importance of internet into our lives, we still can't deny the fact that there are drawbacks that we wish to settle or address due to irresponsibility of some. Yes, it became an avenue to disrespect someone, to air out concerns and rants is a way that is libelous and few to mention irregularity that the present law is trying to address.

I am actually talking about Cyber Crime Prevention Law. Yes, it the latest enact of the higher seats to regulate proper usage of the net. I personally believe its important and essential as it will bring goodwill to everyone but then the question of limitations is the new talk of the town. How is one properly charge for cyber crime? Where will it start and what is the governing rule and standard. It's hard to set without prejudicing the freedom of speech and the common right or an ordinary user. I do personally afraid of the further circumstances but i still believe that it will be delivered with the best interest of all.

Talking about internet, with all it's wonders that we are enjoying. I couldn't stop myself browsing few internet's resource and taking advantage of them. I also came across my friend's search on free lesbian porn and it made me smile big time. How could this friend search for the said videos. She might be curious on that. I guess so, its no surprise for me hence it allows few users to satisfy their curiosity.The latter is compatible to new gadgets like Ipad, mobile and even tablet so you don't have problem opening up on to this application. But of course, you need to be at least 18 years to do some watching and browsing of the said videos.

Thus, i always recommend responsible use of internet. I do believe in that sense and it's everyone role to do so.

Friday Thoughts

Well, i checked out late folks as i decided to bond with my mom. I let her enjoy some stuff like eating outside and bought her few shirts. I wanted to that before but then i was in the midst of offline errands so i have to postponed it for awhile. But now, im happy i did it. It was so perfect for us as the mall have few shoppers. Thank God, my mum enjoyed the meal and let her take out some cakes stored at the fridge. Well, its not my idea actually its my man's generosity.

On the other end, i am flocked with so many blessings and writing tasks to do. Thank you to the Almighty for all the blessings HE bestowed on me. I got few direct ads to do and ill be working for the first time on a new site. So, good luck to me. See you in awhile, i will be working first :)