Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas.... one and all. I hope everything is on set for the coming Noche Buena later. So, what did you prepare? Any sweets, roasted pig or fancy pasta recipes. I knew there's this thing in us to make this special occassion quite memorable. Ours too as we want to make it as memorable as possible no matter how simple our dishes are. So, my brother is already at home and taking charge of his other stuff. I had my nail pampering done awhile ago and to date, i am already done with my sweets. Quite excited for this eve's happening and i am grateful that no matter how simple the celebration what's important is we are complete and everybody is fine.

Really time flies so fast, i mean it's still fresh from my mind about last year Christmas celebration and here we are again preparing for another holiday event. I happened to remember a news figure expressing his thought on our personal views of holiday, he quoted that our celebration for Christmas depends on what happens on the entire year which basically became our benchmark as to how we perceive the holiday season. I somehow agree with him and let me say i am having a great holiday celebration. I don't have everything but i am simply joyous with little things that i have and i had.

This year was quite extraordiary for me. I celebrate few milestones of my life and i shouted for small achievement like for instance, this is the year that i was accepted by the most elusive pay to blog site, i had a good advertisement portfolio and i augmented my sites pretty well. Modesty, i also have invested out of my blogging money and more than anything else, i have learned a lot of things from blogging which i am grateful of.

I really hope that i would have a better blogging career in the coming year and more blessings to come..

Cheers everyone and wishing you a blessed Christmas!!!