Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank You!!!

A Simple "thank you" to start my post here. I knew i am so much blessed that i sometimes wonder if i deserve it. Grateful too that i manage to do all my tasks due and i am honestly satisfied. I will be very busy in the coming days so i might not give them my full attentions. Timely, as i was at my perfect mood. I was soo productive this week that as i've said i always have tasks to do everyday.

Well, i figured i was extra busy these past few days running online and offline errands. Yesterday, i brought my nephew to the mall to get her a good dress for Christmas and it was exhausting trying to oversee the kid while i was shopping for other clothes for my cousins. I am almost done getting gifts and hopefully i didn't forget any. Today, i will be getting a present for my family members and tomorrow i'll pick up my grocery. Good thing my brother brought his car so i don't have problem to transporting it. Hayst, extra activities are coming too as we planned to visit the Christmas village in the next town. The convenience of having the car is really a big help and the holiday is really making me smile these days.

How about you guys, are you all done with everything? Hopefully...