Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Blessed Holy Week

Indeed, when it rains it pours!!!

The week started perfectly for me and before the week ends, another pouring of tasks happened on my end. I really never expect things to be this amazing but since the Provider allowed it then i just want to praise him for a blessed week.

Our celebration of the holy week was fantastic, perhaps i could say we had a great food bonding. Why did i say that? In a short span of time, we managed to do few menus and desserts. It was timely as everybody was around and that we can roam around anywhere we want. We had our own version of crispy pata and in fairness to the younger brother, it was the most delicious pata ive ever tasted. While, i decided to make a little dessert for family consumption. I make a home style buko pandan perfect with sweet corn. It was yummy and i decided to use the the sweet corn for a change.

Well, the celebration is not yet over and we are heading somewhere tomorrow. For now, ill keep you guessing first but for sure it would be a fun and great Easter celebration.How about you, where do you plan to celebrate Easter Sunday? wink!