Thursday, August 20, 2009

A tribute to Ninoy Aquino

After the former President passed away, the public seems very eager to hear updates again on Aquino's family, Their latest updates, happenings and even researh on the historical background of the icon of democracy and to our hero Nino aquino. Seems this couple marks a significant historical picture on gaining our freedom and demoracy. As tribute let us go back to our history class once more and lets get to know better Mr. Ninoy Aquino:

On his 26th death anniversary, a collection of his memorabilia on the web has done by its supporters,

" I return from exile and uncertain future with only detremination and faith to offer - faith in our people and faith to Go "

Ninoy Aquino

Had Meeting

I actually was able to go home yesterday as i was scheduled for a meeting at tacloban. It was great coz its just a seminar and I had the chance to visit malls and other sites at the said town. At that time, i was lucky that my mom cooked my favorite grilled fish. It was so yummy and delicious. Indeed theres no better place like home.

New Lay-out

As you can see guys my blog is on a fresh look, i have changed my dull lay-out into something refreshing. Well, do u like it peepz?