Friday, August 22, 2008

A bad morning for me

I really feel so disappointed and frustrated today. So early in the morning when i received a call from a collegue, she told me that i will be a given a memo from our boss because i failed to text last night our rotesserie sales, i guess because i was not feeling last night plus the news shocked me as early as i get up today, it just let me pass in my ears, i knew from the start how i extended so much effort for that project and for the company in general, but the management never appreciate it and worst, theyre just fault finder rather than being a motivational structure. They all knew that we are a muti-tasked company, we are just few to absorb all the work and pressures of the management. Well, this just my avenue to express my sentiments, coz in here, im the boss, no one will reprimand me, nevertheless, life has full of unfair circumstances, we just have to be strong all the time, and a fighter, for every tests.