Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Marriage Vows

Youll surely be shocked why i post this stuff, maybe youre wondering if i will be wed soon, or just an idea of marriage may come along on this post. Its entirely no connection or whatsoever. Last night i just happened to read on a magazine an article entitled, Revelations of Happy Couples Finally revealed and its really so much inspiring, i happen to read about the different vows of happy couples, they were personally written by those couples based on their experience and the memories in it. Its so heart warming and inspiring to read those stuff, i mean there was a vow which made me so cry, the vow says " ill be forever grateful that you have chose me to be your wife and the mother of your children" it was indeed so touching, i mean not all women are so priveledged to be wed in the church and not all girls have their partners in life, for him to be able to commit himself with you for the rest of his life is such a wow. My friends often adviced me to pray my relationship always so that God will guide my decisions and of course make him the center of your life. I am not an exemption of those women dreaming to walk down the aisle too. If only finding the right man can be as simple as finding a job then i guess i have found mine but because life is about a battle, about pain, a mystery which you have to work for everyday to finally revealed the answer, then ill surely say that the man ive been waiting for in the aisle is still not yet revealed, though i can see a shadow of him but in time God will finally revealed as to whom ill say the sweetest vow of my life.