Friday, January 27, 2012

Its Friday Again!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!, That's how weekend is. When Friday came, i couldn't help myself from getting excited since i could afford to sleep till lunch time or sleep again the entire afternoon. I could afford to watch movie till dawn and of course do everything i want on these days but the most important thing is pampering myself no matter what i do either by going out or just by staying at home, the ambiance and recharging myself is quite so much already. I knew how much i work so much notwithstanding how much i pretty sacrifice myself for my online portals and some writing commitments.

I remember a friend telling me that there will indeed came a point in your life that material things don't matter anymore. You opt to seek for intangible things like friendship, love and great company's. My sister is so much of a company, she is a buddy you cant afford to lose so now that she is busy with her review, i'm trying my best to just do something worthwhile just to address the boredom.These days i would always have time going out just once or twice a week just to delight myself once and for all. But its pretty nonsense going around alone coz i sometimes felt out of the world while i am envious on some people with friends or family. We used to bond a lot with my sister. IN fact, when she was still here, we would always have time going around and enjoying ourselves anywhere we want. We once visited some attractions at the local and pretty amazed how the unplanned tour happened. Amusing but i find sincere love and friendship with my ever beloved sister. Well, as they say, time flies so fast and before i knew it, she will be back and soon we would enjoy great travels together. Folks, you would find genuine love from your family members so don't ever take them for granted.