Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Missing Him

my honey is still on his business trip, he has not returned home yet, coz it was a two weeks business meetings abroad, i knew its never been easy for us because we were never been missing chatting ever since our relationshp begun. For three years of constantly updating each other lives, we seldom came in a situation that we would miss each other terribly coz we always gave time to express our feelings, in fact last sunday we agreed to chat because our exchange of texts is already so emotional that we really regret missing each other. I hope he would be back the soonest, but anyway he will be coming over this first week of november so i might publish our photos here, exclusively here..heheh

I wish...

...i could have enough time to update this blog regularly but sad to say i am always have lots of routinary task which i need to do so everyday that is why my blog is always neglected, before i almost update this everyday, as in sharing all those stuff that had happened to me on the entire day, including my work related rants, my sweet memories with my honey, and other things i have in mind, mind you guys i almost forgot to visit my other blogger friends. Its like i lost a lot of updates to them. But somehow im crossing my finger that i would be able to gain back my passion on thos endeavor the soonest.