Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emotional Roller Coster

If loving someone with all your heart and soul is a crime, then maybe i commited that crime a lot of times, i need to be punished and sentenced to death because i always do that from the start. My aunt told me one time that if i fall in love i should always use my heart to make me happy, but why am i not? why i end up in tears whenever i use my heart, whenever i gave my soul?
I wish things are alright now...

So Excited!

My lalabs actually is planning to visit this end of march or maybe first week of april and i am actually so excited to go there, at cebu..but i want him actually to be here at Ormoc cause i want him to introduce to my friends. You know what, i am so in love with this man and promise to be exclusively dating and loving him until my last breath.
i love u so much!

Been Busy

im soory guys if i wasnt able to visit your blog coz ive been so busy today, its actually past 1 am but still im at the office and im not yet done with my reports. I actually went home last weekend and good thing i had a great time spending time with my family and my nephews, and after quite some time i go back to my place coz i still have lots of unfinished business, probably by tommorw i will have more time sleeping in the morning, and ill go back to work in the afternoon coz i have a scheduled meeting. Goodnight guys!