Monday, August 29, 2011

The Unlimited Way of Using Your Mobile

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

These days where prices are skyrocketing theres no ultimate means of saving up than to avail of services or products that gives you a better service yet you save up few bucks for the same service as others. Lets talk about your mobile bills, are you satisfied with your mobile service or do you rant most of the time because of the hidden charges and poor service? Wherever your situation is, i guess its time to lend a good ear about Straight talk. They offer unlimited monthly service for only $45 and that includes calls, text, messaging and even internet surfing, where else could you get such amazing offer?

Just imagine how much you can save if you avail of their service. If you are paying few hundred bucks for your monthly bills then if you switch to Straight Talk then you cold save few bucks and for that you could treat yourself for a spa or maybe save up for a gadget, right? Let me give you some other features of Straight Talk:

1. 411 calls are included at no extra charge

2. low rates for international calls.

3. free activation, reactivation and even termination fees.

Enticing package, right? Whether you want to call a friend or just want to talk all night to your boyfriend. Straight Talk is everything you need. Well, i got this news from my mom and as they say mom knows best.

Anyway, if you want further information then check out the video below:

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Loving the Holiday

As ive said it, two days holiday to commemorate the National Heroes day and Ramadan, respectively. I saw children enjoying the extended weekend and of course i cant deny it - me too. Only that i noticed a super hot weather. I really cant help but complain, i love to stay outside but i dont have that friends where i can hang out and chitchat. On the other end, my hubby as always brightens my day. I texted him last night that he is super busy already and he forgot me and all of a sudden he hurriedly called up because he thought i was mad, which im not. Just simply trying to test him if im important (hahahha, girls normally want assurance, right?) To make the story short, he apologize for having less time for me unlike before where we could monitor each other even hourly. Well to my surprise, he called up early this morning to greet me. He is simply my man, i love you honey and i will always fight for you and for the relationship, thats a promise. Happy to have you in my life.