Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration

It was really a celebration yesterday as it marks my 24th birthday, i received a lot of greetings from family members, friends, collegues, admirers and of course to my one and only lalabs. I was so overwhelmed coz i didnt expect to receive such pouring of love. I received three bouquet of flowers and two cards. Though my darling had scheduled late delivery of fresh flowers i am still happy coz i knew this saturday i will have his flowers delivered in my doorstep. I appreciate my boss who gave me a bithdays blash yesterday at our office. He asked our admin to buy food and have free lunch at the office, before we eat they sang the happy birthday song. That was really so touching. My people under me managed to send their greetings before i woke up, they really prepared it like 3:00 am, though i was really so asleep that time but i have no choice but anwer all their calls, my phone keep on ringing until i go to the office. My birthday was indeed my unforgettable day. It has made me realized how i was been blessed to be love by everybody even to those whom i was not good at all. Thank God for the great life. Looking forward to touch more people until my last breath.

Tracking System

I remember 3 years ago when i was still new to our company, i was given memo by our Human Resource department for tardiness, i was really so disappointed because of the fact that i was always on time but our tracking system was not that credible that my time in was usually late. I wrote a letter addressed to the head of the said department asking to fix their tracking system for the fact that they cannot supervise their employess in their actual in and out, and how can they track them when even their system can be falsified by adjusting the time in the computer.

Luckily i have found an online tracking system called Activtrak, an employee monitoring software. BY tracking application and web usage on the company's workstation they would be able to monitor what the employees are doing and what time they in and they left. It is indeed very important for Employee monitoring to ensure an effective and efficient service from the organization. Dont worry an online demo is available and free trial usage here