Thursday, November 10, 2011

Errands Day

I was off from work as i give way to my offline errands. It was a long day for me. I bought a gift for my parents as they are the sponsor for tomorrow's wedding. After which. i settled my loves' request and headed on to the bank. Lastly, i had my grocery because our cabinet is almost empty. I cant believe it i just bought our pantries last saturday and its just few days and yet i coudnt see any pack at all. Thank God, my love sent my weekly allowance and i settled most of my expenses. Another thing to celebrate, i had few shares of my recent shopping porfolio and on top of it is an amazing bag i was eyeing at the mall. Today, i didnt think twice and get it. Im a fan of this reputable brand and i use most of this brand for office wear. I have few collections of branded and elite bags in my cabinet. I was given channel by a business partner and a friend handed me her Prada. I have two bags which are really for keepsake while the rest are locally made. I decided to give to some of my friends few of my bag collections which has no dust bag because it was just being played around by my insect friends. While the rest of those who has their respective dust bags are just kept at bag space ready for wear once the user is in the mood.

Bags are indeed a womans friend but i realised its never been a good investment not unless you have pricey and reputable bags like Channels, Prada, Hernes among others but if youre bag is a locally made, i tell you it will just be turned into a playground space once you will not use it in a regular basis. At least, bags would be a friend once you are a socially inclined individual or a career woman. Most of my friends are bag fanatic and in one of my visit in Cebu. I was fascinated about her growing collections. It really feeds my eyes.