Monday, July 1, 2013

On Dealing with Dark Circles

However you address it, it's still not good to see, right?

Yes, im talking about dark circles here...

And, honestly its so annoying, its not pleasant to see and it's quite heavy when i blink. That's a hassle anyway.

Ever since i was still in high school, i already noticed this dark circles and i can't deny that it all boils down when i was spending sleepless nights because of my studies. I had a little passion in my studies so we tend to spend few more hours early morning reading especially during examinations. So, i don't remember it vanish at all which cause me to be  a little annoyed whenever it is so visible.

So, just recently, i discovered a natural way to just refresh and deal with dark circles. Cucumber as it is familiar with us, is a good way to make those circles a little lighter and fairer too.

A slice of it, put it in a fridge and put it in your eyes just before you dose off.

Now you're done. The next morning i noticed my something good about my eyes. I reserved the space for you to try it.