Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have to Rest

I believe its best if i could rest first. I am so tired already and i cant think of a good review. I still have a lot of tasks to do yet i cant finish them all. Tomorro is a free day so im planning to give my site an extra lift. I am planning for a blog visits, updating and other extra things i need to deal with. Hopefully, it will materialize. Yay, i hate going somwhere else already. I want rest and i badly need it.

Anyway, our office party will be this coming Tuesday and by the first day of the week i need to organize already everything as im going to host the affair. I already bought my gift but i havent wrap it yet. In fact, i still have so many gifts to be wrap. In other words i havent started wrapping any yet. I just put all my buys at the corner of the room but i already bought bundle of gift wrappers and other stuff that i need. My room is as messy as you thought, My drawer is already full of stuff. I decided to have my personal grocery and bought extra  stocks too. Just imagine guys, my stocks of tissue already reached to two piles since i always bought few stocks whenever i am pulling my cart. I cant live without tissue because of the allergy thing and maybe at some point i get addicted on it. Okey, i have to hit the publish button now , my honey pie will soon call me and we will be talking important matters. Goodnight guys.

Best Water Filter in Town

I was on my way then to my former workplace when a man curiously asked me if i was on the way to his destination too. I answered him that i am heading to the nearby city but not exactly to the location he is heading to. That all started there. At the end, i found out that he was the franchise owner of an alcaline water distributor in the region. Since, i am not familiar with what he is selling on, i asked him to tell me more about his business and what prompted him to invest on water when there are other available products that he can compete into in the market. His answer was so simple, he said water is a necessity and everyone needs it. I was amazed of his reply and this was the start of me being curious about the different types of purification.

Im sure you know about the typical mineral water. Do you know the difference between a purified water and an ionized water? Well, dont let me dwell on the technicatlities of each since i am not an expert either. I knew a little like the process they underwent and it simplify what kind of water you are drinking in. At some instane, do you happen to know about alkaline water? Maybe you've heared about it already? But i am talking about this because someone told me that the water on this type is like a healing water. It is good for the cells and offers extreme benefits to the body. If you dont want to buy by liter then perhaps you need to have a water filter. Browse for the best water filter to get a product that have a satisfaction guaranteed. But in any way, you are scouting for a water ionizer then i can recommend one. Get an alkaline water machine available at You can also search the web as to the type of alkaline water machine perfectly suited with your personality and taste.I heard their recent innovation are superb and has all the features that anyone would ever need.

The Most Sought After Skin Care Brands


Women are vain by nature. It explains why most of these ladies you see at the mall are flocked at the comfort areas to have retouch and check their respective make-ups. Im sure if theres one thing that's so common for every girl is the very fact that they cant live without their lipstick, lip gloss, lotion and other skin care and hair care stuff. Yes, im no exemption for i cant live without wearing a lipgloss nor i will go out from the house with no powder. I am not actually into heavy make-up. I seldom wear eye shadow nor mascara coz of the mere fact that im a little innocent in the techniques in putting those things. I better not do it than to be the center of other's attention.Im indeed so much impressed to some of my friends who can do their make-up all by themself without asking for others help and in fairness they do it with flying colors.

Anyway, let's go back to women' stuff. So, how do you pick your brands as far as your skin care brands are concerned? Are you too much affected by marketing ideas and television ads? Do you go for your friends pick or are you the type who experiment and follow your instinct? I hope you certainly follow what your heart is pushing you. I mean i do believe in instinct. Most of the brands i am sticking by now are just the result of my instinct. I thereby experiment which of those skin care brands in the market i am going to use. Yes, it was indeed confusing and sometimes its deceiving because of too much players on skin care brands. Their ads alone will affect your choice and sometimes they mislead you and gave you untrue statements and misinformation. Thats one thing you should be careful of. But lately, ive found a site which caters for your beauty needs. In fact, as i browse the site i happened to read about tigi haircare and it really amazed me. To add one, the site also sells fragrances, lingerie, spa stuff and other interesting things you would surely love about. Common, check that out.

I Give Thanks Instead...

Do i have the right to complain? Now, im so exhausted roaming around downtown and going back and forth to the mall. For three consecutive days, ive been so busy buying gifts for my godchildren and for family members. Today, its shopping spree for myself. Of course, will the hubby forget her dearly beloved? of course not. Well, i havent buy yet a dress for the holiday. I just bought first a footwear, another footwear again. Im really crazy sometimes trying to collect assorted footwear collections yet some i just wore it once and mostly i wear few of my favorites. I promise to give myself a break tomorrow and hopefully things will happen as planned. Ohh well, i remember i have some invitations tomorrow and i am really pretty lazy to go out.

I was just having this thought lately. How ironic but people really has no contentement in every sense. When they have everything, they will complain for the lack of time, lack of this and lack of that yet if they are scarce on something they will again complain for being miserable. Well, humans have the tendency of being selfish. We want to grab everything even though we dont need it. Being greedy is a sin and it can destroy every man's moral and attitude. On the other side, i felt just happy these days. Im so blessed and i felt the peace of mind. I succeed on a certain goal and i made a promise not to become a bitch, why should i? I was given so many graces, i think i should not be an antagonist to someone and if they think i am in their eyes then its not my problem anymore. As for me, i am very much contented and delighted with everything. So may things to look forward to. Id like to end this post with this.

"Lighten up and play. Remember, you are God's child, so it's ok to be silly, be curious, be fun."