Thursday, December 27, 2012

PH One of the Most Generous Country

It's no surprise on me anymore when i heard the news about the recent survey. Well, on a more personal note i could see people giving to their neighbors even with their limited budget. I mean its so right to tag us as the most hospitable people and than being generous is a right term in general.

So, what the latest survey, here's an excerpt:

The Philippines shared the ranking with Finland, who also had a score of 45 percent. Meanwhile, Australia was ranked the most generous country with a score of 60 percent. Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the United States rounded out the top five most generous, all ranking high in terms of donating money. Filipinos, meanwhile, got a relatively low score of only 32 percent when it came to money donations, but ranked fifth overall in terms of volunteering, with a score of 44 percent. This score is the highest of any other country in Southeast Asia. As for helping strangers, Filipinos got a score of 58 percent.