Friday, March 25, 2011

My Personal Meme

I got this from Gvenchi. I love the post so i decided to make my own version. I am just tired of posting surveys, and other blog thingy stuff, so right now, i am kinda posting a personal yet fun get to know me stuffs.

Lets Start:

I know that i should be more responsible now and never take life so easily

I believe that God has best plans for all of us that we should just wait for the perfect time.

I fought for my rights especially when it alreadu about my personal circumstance.
I am angered when people judge other people based on what they see on them.
I love to eat ice cream and chocolates especially if i am stressed
I need a rest right now cause i am stressed for few days.
I take my sister for shopping whenever my budget allows me.
I hear mass regularly to nourish my spiritual life.
I drink wine occasionally.
I hate people who are social climber and pretenders.
I use my charm sometimes to convince other people.
I want a new phone this year.
I decided to take up my course for a new environment.
I like the feeling of being cared and loved especially if it came from a special person.
I am an understanding friend.
I feel great whenever i help other people.
I left some good memories in the past that is hard to forget no matter how i try.
I do not want to get hurt again after the painful break up.
I hope that my present relationship will last forever.
I dream of having my own family in the future.

I drive my car before and i enjoy it.
I listen to NIna's songs every now and then.
I type away depressing thoughts whenever i am bothered by it.
I think every person deserves a happy ending.
I wish I could buy a laptop this year.
I compensate for a lost time with my grandmom by doing the things she likes.
I regret the decisions i made before but now i realized it was all right.
I care about my family health.
I should save this year.
I am not going to give up my battle of giving a comfortable life to my family despite barriers.
I said hurtful wors sometimes but i said sorry immedietly.
I wonder if the richest people still eat dried fish.
I changed my mind constantly.
I cry whenever i heard things that concerns my family.
I am healed now and have forgiven the people who hurt me.
I am happy with my present state, having a great boyfriend.
I lose my temper when people are abusive especially when they think they are greater.
I leave everything in the past.

March Earning - $103.42

THis is my dashboard from one of the sites i joined. My March earning, as of today is $103.42 and mind you most of those tasks, i just finished for two days. This is my easiest way of earning online and i am really so glad that i dont need to maintain a traffic and site pagerank. Anyway, if you're interested to earn in this site, just leave me a comment and ill give you a site url and how i am earning this figure.

Graduation Day

Today is the graduation day of my sister. Although my brother wasnt able to make it due to his busy sched, i still manage to join the family. Thank God my boss was not strict enough and allows me to take an off today. It was a pretty great celebration. My father managed to take a leave though it was a busy week for them. The good thing was, only the honor graduates were able to march with their parents so we really felt so overwhelmed that my sister was included in the cream of the crop. When her name was called and my father came to the stage to put the medal, i felt the joy that my father was feeling at that time. I can feel how the family is so proud and overjoy of the achievement of my sister. Its like a graduation ceremony too of my parents, being able to sent us all to school. To my beloved sister, thank you for the achievement that you've brought to the family. This is just the start of a long journey.