Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Pink Site

How do you find my new layout? This is the new ambiance of my other site. Its previous ambiance was blue. I decided to change it to this because i want lively colors and of course pink is my ultimate favorite. I am planning to get a hosting plan for this new site so im taking few steps to make necessary editings and updates for this site. Its been quite a while since my last update there but since i realized i need a self hosted personal page so im taking this as a close option. Hope you pay visit guys to my other site. How about link exchange? Thanks in advance.

Love Footprints

There was a point in my life where i got tired. I got tired of loving, of breaking and of crying. THose were the time i felt that sleeping was better than waking up with scattered minds. All those times are when i was loving so hard to the wrong guy that moving on from that relationship was so impossible for me. But i did, after the sad realization. From that time, it made me unsure of loving again and investing again emotionally because im afraid to commit the same mistake again.

Unexpectedly, Don came at the very day i didnt expect a visitor. He came where i was in the midst of struggling the little pieces that were broken. He came at those times where i was left out by everybody. He came at the lowest point in my life where i needed a little strength. And the rest as they say is history.

Needless to say, im at the happy state of my life. For a very long time that we've been a couple i didnt felt i was the woman that i am not. We argue but we compromise. We are pissed at each other sometimes but we are always open for communication. But the very core thing that made him occupy my heart is that - he stands for me especially during bad days. He is always there when i needed a shoulder, he is there to solve my financial issues, my emotional roller coaster, and even to things i cant spoke to anyone, he would just listen and let me talk.

We may differ with issues on our respective partner. Your hubby might be so sweet and my Don talk rarely but he has something that i cant trade him to anyone. Love is not everything and will not take you to forever. I realized Don is very appreciative in everything that i do even the little things i didnt noticed -but he does. Truly, every person creates a unique footprints but what made Don's footprints remarkably especial is that he always made sure to leave an obvious mark in my life.