Thursday, December 8, 2011

On Being Productive

I am not feeling well today. The sneezing yesterday turned out to be a flu today. I cant blame it actually. The weather is so unpredictable plus the stress from work equals a sick me. Anyway, im still working despite the rain thing. I need not to skip work this time because of too much expenses for the holiday. Ohh well, i wont skip raving about my honey because he is really instrumental for everything in me. Last night, i was already complaining for a bad headache. It warms my heart knowing that somebody else cares. I mean its really a fact that whenever you are so sick, it alleviates when someone will check out on you, right? That's what our partners are for. Thank God, im not alone in all my endeavors. Thank God, i have someone who really is there for me for everything. I mean everything.

With regards to my online tasks, i am just thankful i still have advertisers who trust on my review. Gladly, i have pending reviews to be made. When im back to my blogger mojo, i will surely do all my pending backlogs. For now, let me just rest and focus on my work. Have to do some sales call later.