Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank God Its Friday

The week seems to be blown away, after i just posted for a Monday update, here now im typing for a some Friday note. To start with, i have a bundle of tasks to do. Its the first time i will be working with a new get paid to blog site and I'm excited. I was also given another writing tasks to do with my favorite site and i hope more to come.

On some personal thoughts, i heard that there is a typhoon and it will hit somewhere at our premise but seeing the sun shining brightly, i don't think there is a tropical storm. God forbids. With that, my hubby phoned me early morning and i was at the midst of a good sleep. He told me to take extra precautions because of the coming of the typhoon. I wasn't aware of it actually so i have to recheck what my partner was talking and there it is i realized he was just worried. How sweet my mahal, indeed!