Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its Debt Time

With the economy and life on its downfall. I don't think anyone could live without a debt. Even with people who have stable income and even those that are indeed born with silver spoon has to borrow money for whatever thing or business investment they have in mind. How much more those individuals who don't have nothing but passion and will.

Lately, we have been in close thoughts because of the expenses that we are currently dealing with. Putting into picture my sisters expense for her current endeavor. Those people who have underwent such stage would agree with me how its such a stressful thing. At first, we plan to get an installment loans or maybe a salary loan to finance everything but then we decided to just have it on a monthly basis. Good thing we survive the five months although with a very limited daily allocation. Thats how it is, if want to think long term.

Im just pretty thankful, God just provided people who in one way or the other helped us in our hardship and i want thank my man to that. Whose love and kindness is unconditional. Nonetheless, if i dont have my man i will not hesitate to get some loans for bad credit or any other options i could possibly get like personal loans for people with bad credit. In any case, its about risk and determination. At the end of the day, i knew all our sacrifices are so worth it.

Math and My Laundry

I remember telling my best friend before, that if I had to choose between laundry and solving mathematics equations, then I would go for the former. At least I would just need to know two things, hand wash and rinse. But with math, I would practically have a nose bleed trying to solve equations. Honestly speaking, I was not born to work with numbers. At least I can say that I can express my self pretty well, so that's what I'm holding on to!

 So, if I love writing and speaking, then my younger sister has it all. She is fluent in language and also does pretty well in Math. Can you believe it? I often wonder why in the world she got it all. I guess my father's tutorials when we were still a bit younger helped a lot in shaping her young mind. The end result is that she graduated with flying colors, and take note, she's taking up an accounting major and she is top notch in most of her subjects. As they say, some just have it all and I salute my sister for that. 

 Well, we are just lucky my dad was there for math help, but today where technology is at its capstone, online math help is so easy. If you are a single mom and need to browse for first grade math online, then you will absolutely find online resources that address your needs. You don't need to be a graduate of Stanford University to be able to help your child. Just a click away, help is on its way. 

 So for people looking for an added resource for their math problems, you don't need to look any further. Just browse through some search engines about related online math help and you will surely find the most appropriate site which is perfect for you. How amazing is internet technology!