Monday, July 4, 2011

Fabulous Life

At this point, i cant ask no more except for God's continuous guidance. I am happy that God gave me abundant blessings far better that what i used to have. Truly, God has wonderful plans for each one of us. I have so many things to celebrate about and i need not to brag about it here.hehehe. Anyway, by next month we will be in contact with the review center of my sister and hopefully we could still have slots for her. We are planning to accompany here to Iloilo for her review and tour the city at the same. I'm excited for it.

I realized that its best to live life with simplicity and that's when you're overjoyed. When you wanted just love love love. Apologize guys but i am just thinking of my hubby so i cant't help but smile. I'll be back again to Cebu next week because of some errands again and the thought alone made me lazy but i am an ever obedient partner. By the way, he will be arriving real soon so super excited for it. Lucky me indeed.

The Start of the Week...

I'm already at work and i still have the weekend air over me. I felt lazy and i wanted to sleep still.hehehe. But of course, i need to work and comply with all my life's responsibilities. Anyway, i knew i will have a fruitful week again, Yay the thought of writing again gives me headache but when i figure out how much i'll have in my Paypal gives me an ear to ear smile. The good news, my project will be ready this month and i already contacted someone to do the work. Thanks to my online blessings and of course for everything that was given to me. Happy Monday Everyone.