Thursday, April 16, 2009


im still at the office, just havin a great time on the net, i just read recently that Ted Failon's wife was shot, or commited suicide, its still not clear with me, nevertheless lest pray for the immediate recovery of his wife. I personally know Ted Failon because he was our former congressman in the first district of Leyte. He is really a good man, down to earth and very simple. I dont want to entertain gossips about him that there was a foul play and that he intends to kill his wife, that far from what i imagine based on how i know him. Hopefully we could just give him a bit of privacy as he is facing a big crises now.

Speaking engagement

This saturday i will be the commmencement speaker of the graduating class of 2009 of my former alma mater. They have invited me to be their speaker as to share insparational thoughts to them. Its quite flattering to be invited and somehow i am also thankful to be given such oppurtunity. Hopefully i could upload the photos of that affair, lets see!

What am i into?

well guys, as usual id been busy for a couple of weeks ad a lot of this happened, I had a great holy week with my family. I enjoy hanging out with my nieces and friends. I did had my confession last holy wednesday and attended mass last thursday ad friday. However last monday was a terrible experience, i had a meeting with my bosses and sadly it did not went fine. But wherever life takes me and wherever my feets leads me into, i am never afraid cause God is with me..

Scents and Fumes

Just last night my friend came to my room to sell Body Splash perfumes, its my first time to see those body spray because its actually from abroad. While she was convincing me to get one, i was really enjoying spraying all those 6 body spray in different smells and flavors. But the one i got smells like melon, it has a refreshing yet delicate smell. Its not so sensitive and strong that is why ive decided to get it. Though i still have with me my victorias secret spray, i wanted to try this said scents. Its very relaxing and suited this summer. But to those who wanted to check on some perfumes or body spray, heres what youre looking for Scent