Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re: childrens organs: for sale?

To those who visited my site and reacted much on the article "Childrens Organs:For sale?, i just want to post again on this matter, while the news is so hot on newspaper and local radio on my place, i wanted to just express how i felt sad to those who made some comment, questioning how reliable my news is, theyre also questioning the credibility of my source.
The post was based on what's really happening on my place, it was just more on giving precautions to parents and to other people who dont know yet of that incident, i am no saying that theres really a market for that internal organs nor ive quoted on anything that may lead to whoever is responsible for that. I believe that my opinion on that matter means no harm nor on any way libelious.
Still, the author believes in the freedom of speech, anyhow, this is a page of opinions.