Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my angel

We refer people sometimes an "angel" especially if they have done great things, or special favor for us. They are the people who were really instrumental in making things runs smoothly, in this sails of life. As for me, i had lots of people i want to thank, for everything that they have done for me, for my blog in particular. First to mention, is Axecity, hes really so nice from the very start. He gave a lot of advices and help in my blog especially to matters where i really dont have idea at all, to you my sincere thanks and gratitude, you are really blesses coz you are a great man, i may not thank u personally but deep in my heart, you will be one of the few people who touched my life, honestly i really appreciate every inch of help that you have exerted to me, thu i am a stranger to you, your great heart really just reminds me of one thing.That angels do exist, if we would just learn to see the small things.
Second id like to extend my warmest gratitude to mark, for helping in my PPP matters, it just went better when he gave me advices of what i should do, and to the rest of you guys who had extend a helping hand, my million thanks.
May God always bless you because of your good deeds. mwah

a great day

good morning friends, well i had a great news, im really so happy to tell everyone that my post was already approved at payperpost, isnt it great? after a few days of rejection, finally it was already approved, and im so excited to write post again...hehehe