Saturday, May 15, 2010


The senatorial candidates who were proclaimed include Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile, Pia Cayetano, Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, and Ralph Recto. Senator-elect Miriam Defensor, and Franklin Drilon, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. were absent from their formal proclamation.
Early birds Enrile and Sotto were seen wearing a barong, while Pia Cayetano who was accompanied by brother Alan Peter Cayetano was seen wearing a pencil-cut skirt and a sleeveless blouse with geometric red and white stripes.
Jinggoy Estrada who later arrived with his family and a big entourage. He was followed by top senatorial candidate and local celebrity Bong Revilla arrived close to 3 p.m. He was accompanied by wife Lani. Well-wishers and some “fans” were quick to pose with most of the celebrity senatorial candidates


Cliche, but still want to use it " Life is still a great journey" i have heared a lot of time from people all over the country using this word, like it had been used a million times by people who have experienced how valuable their life is. I remember one time, i watched Oprah shows and she interviewed a woman who have her face misfigured, it was the worst face ive ever seen in m entire life, so as Oprah, she admitted. But then as their conversations went on, i came to appreciate how this women is equipped with a strong emotional system on his persona. Out of the worst of the worst things that could ever happened to a mans life, she still managed to stood out of the misfortune and even embraced her life as if she was the most precious and greatest woman ever lived. I admire her bravery, her courage but most of all i admire her faith. Her faith that made her support system. Coz according to her even if she no more eyes to see the beauty of the planet, even if she has no more nose to smell the fragrance of the flowers and though her face is as worst as the living moster in this world, she still managed to look forward in waking up everyday coz she knew everyday is a new hope for her and for her misfortunes.
In this jounrney of bumps and smooth paths, there always came a time when we wanted to give or even felt not loved but isnt it great to put in mind always that if today there are 5 million people who managed to woke up, is there still 5 million people who will wake up tomorrow? THis is a great start ti cherish our life and learn to gratify small things that we always neglect everyday. THE GIFT OF LIFE is so precious, that just the thought that we were once lucky to have opened our eyes as the sun rise, makes us the luckiest person far more than winning a lottery.


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Ive been thinking of what happened to the controversial host of WOWOWEE, i mean its already a week from no since his last show on his program. And today while i was reading a newspaper, there was an article that says, Willie left to Macau and he did not show to the networks bosses as he was asked to be at their office, the rumors is that the host was pirated by TV5 coz on tomorrow's Party 5 show thre will be a tribute for Willie, with his songs being sang by the maintstay there. Today it is Robin Padilla who became their guest host together with the female hosts of the show. As for me, the show will be much better without Willie coz i hate his arrogance. Hope the network will learn to discipline ther stars.