Monday, October 31, 2011

Affordable Cufflinks

The journey in this life is so to speak very uncertain. There's no such thing as constant no matter how we try to love or embrace a great life. With this, its too hard to pretend to be fine when you are not and to dream when you knew its far from your reach. Judging other people with their living and their life is easy but sweeping away our own garbage is difficult coz we thought we are perfect when we knew we arent. Life itself is not perfect so its right to presume that each one of us has their own weakness, worst trials and even awful mistakes yet whats important is at the end of the day you acknowledge your wrongdoings. I dont mind people talking more about other people if in any case they have good background BUT if you care more or flaunt others mistakes that you have failed to examine what you've done in the past then be ashamed coz its like targetting a bullet at your own face. Its easy to shout at others weakness and exceptions but be sure to have kept yours somewhere you can hide it the most. Its never been our business talking largely about how others failed but if you go beyond your limitations then its another story.

In a simpler sense, why do you care most of other people life when you knew youre not doing well? Why dont you just try harder to make your life extra good. I mean the common mistakes of most people is that they guard their enemies as tight as they could that they forgot to do something for their own. Sometimes its ironic how people seems live a life full of pretentions. Reality check is scary but you have to face it. Face the reality and do something instead of ranting and minding other people's life.

Anyway, if you want to augment your living and youre tired of sitting and sleeping then why dont you just sell cufflinks. Its a good business now and i saw a variety of silver cufflinks that will surely be saleable to both gender. Im sure selling cufflinks for men is a good investment. Try it!

Happy MOnday

Its an extra special day. Its a holiday in our place and i love how the weather is a bit gloomy. I love to just sleep and take a good rest while work is still on the coming days. I could sense a holiday air already. Wowo, im so excited for the coming Christmas as i have great plans for it. As for today, i am running an errand as requested by my partner. He is in business trip now for a trade show and he will be back by Thursday. He called up last night for an important stuff that he wants me to settle and the girl contacted me earlier today for confirmation. Hayst, my partner doesnt want NO for an answer so everytime he wants me to do something may it be a personal or business errand, i always make it a priority. Well, im not complaining either because if ill figure its just so small compare to all the things he has done for me and for the family. I may not share every detail of how he has been supportive but its enough for me to shop weekly. wink!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Classy Corporate Uniforms

I was once a part of a Marketing team for few years. I was handling sales and the rest of the marketing departments. With the position, comes greater responsibility. I had huge workload and countless job descriptions. Because my position is on the operation side, it allows me to work as hard as i can in order to meet few objectives. Meetings are endless and so as my phone calls. There had been times where i coudnt sleep in a day becaus of too many things yet so little time. Hence, i never had regret being in a corporate world. This made me enjoy my exposure like meeting new acquintances and big personality in the industrial business. Another thing is i can enjoy fashionable corporate wear. Mind you guys, it had been my dream to wear a business inspired suits since i was a kid. In fact, i used to try my mom's high heels at home and pose at the mirror to see how it feels to wear such suits. Fortunately, i was lucky enough to enter the corporate world. There are lots of corporate uniforms to choose from but since we dont have specific uniform at the office. I usually mixed and match my closet for my daily corporate wear. I have an all range of slacks and printed polos for my business meetings. Most of my picks in my business attire composed of pastel or white colored suits. Its easier for me to choose a pants or footwear once i have light suit.

Like i saw for uniforms australia, most working women love to have colored business attires. I dont know whats with this prints but the modern day picked of uniforms is far more liberated and modern. Classy yet sophisticated corporate wear is the high end aim of most offices so its no surprising if you will be amazed with an executive with an appealing look. Speaking of appealing, i use to love and admire the health care uniforms because of their formal and clean appeal. Ohh well, i need to be in the medical field for me to try such outfits, right?. For the meantime, i will enjoy my liberty of my daily office wear with a smile and confidence.

Fun Sunday

There is a birthday celebration in one of our neighbors and i just smile big time when my sister took a photo of them. Its fun seeing those kids having a great time for a snacks. Ohhh, i missed being a kid although we were a favorite party invite of some kids parties during our time. My aunt who lives just a few walks from a former house hosted most parties since they are a well known villager. Her children are of the same age as ours so birthdays are as often as five times a year. At present, they already migrated to Canada and seldom they come home for a visit. If ill surely have excess budget, i will make a fabulous party for a niece. Hence, my mom will be celebrating her birthday this coming NOvember and i plan for a simple celebration. WE talked already with my love about the theme of the party and asked my other siblings for their respective menus. Gladly, most of them promised for a cake so i might probably just prepare other menus and desserts. Its just once a year that our mom celebrates their special day. So its just right to give them a good celebration, right guys? Stay in touch.

Sunday Share


Here are some of the latest pictures that i have - taken at home recently. Since i am in the mood to share and its been a while since i last share some images. Here is a glimpse to my personal cabinet.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Plethora of Gift Basket Ideas

We have a long weekend this coming week because of the local and national holidays, respectively. We still dont have plans yet as to how we're going to spend the days so as to enjoy every moment of it but one thing is sure we will surely visit the graveyard of our loved ones and offer prayers and mass to them. We are planning to have our annual all souls prayer on the first of November while the brother is still here. But yet, its still not yet fixed and all of those stuff are still initial plans.

Anyway, apart from the All Souls Day celebration, we are also invited to our niece seventh birthday party at my moms homeplace. My aunt told me last week that they are preparing for a small treat and for that i need to browse for gift basket ideas. I knew this stuff when a friend brought a birthday gift baskets to our friend when we visited her at the hospital. I also knew this thing because i once did a corporate gift baskets when i hosted a branch opening at my former company. Well, time for me to finalize what gift to bring for my favorite niece.

Guaranteed Web Traffic: Learn How

The internet is the most affordable means of marketing your products and services effectively. Im sure you are still on doubt as to how it works especially if your ideas on the net are still a little outdated. For some reasons, the present day media like television and print ads are no longer the fastest means of getting the freshest news. Pardon me guys but a lot of men and women rely on the net for news updates and other social media interactions. These facts tells us that online portals offers the most cost effective ways to promote your products and services to your target market.

First off, to build a marketing tool for such behalf you need to build a site where you could best deliver and share to your target readers abuut your product and why they need to buy or patronize your merchandise, for that matter. After building a website the second most important thing is about search engine optimization. Admit it guys, when we normally search the net, the first link that appears on the search engine is probably the first one to click, right? WE dont go to the last page nor skip the first few pages. For that note, its imperative to take some means for our website on website traffic ranking so that you can acquire unique visitors everyday. Getting an SEO service is also another option for a guaranteed web traffic if not an instant traffic to your boring site.

If you want thousands visitors to your site and you hate doing such invites then an SEO service is the perfect solution to your problem, If youre not sure which of those SEO company to avail then check out their facebook page to find out their respective services and packages. Im sure they have comprehensive lists of packages that they offer and just a hint, avail of a package that will give an instant boosts to your online resource.

They Just Arrived..

My other siblings and my mom just arrived earlier today and it feels great having the family around. The house was filled with joy and laughter as we exchange stories about the last week episodes of our life. Its nice reminiscing each other moments while sharing it with glowing eyes. My mom is finally okey. She had her check up from a specialist at Chong Hua hospital. Both had fun with their trip and it feels great that at least we had been a good sons and daughters to our respective parents. In our little means, we can give them their simple joys, we can treat them even just to small luncheon treats and bring them on out of town adventure if we excess on our budget. Im so happy that God continually blessed each one of us HIS marvelous ways. In no time, to be exact a week more, my brother will start for a new job and it means another celebration to the family. The year has been so good to us and i am speechless for all the surprises HE has partake on us. To those family enjoying the long weekend, enjoy the bonding and its really great having a great family on your side. Stay safe guys!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Play Poker Online

Sport Betting and other online games is currently on trend now. They are the present hobby of some youngsters especially to some people who are hooked by this game. I never tried playing online games but id love to play online poker ohne anmeldung if given the chance. Honestly, i dont have idea to play game nor its rules but because the net is user friendly, im sure ill learn it fast. How about you? Do you have experience in playing poker? How was it? I hope you did had a great time betting and doing its tricks.


Im sure you could have noticed how i share too much on my portal. Sorry guys, i just cant help it sometimes. Like today, i encounter too many worries and it really bothers me a lot yet i was not left alone by my God. He directed me to the right path and in no time ive got solution to my problem. My partner is really instrumental in my life. Today, a close friend ask helped from me financially because they badly need the money the soonest possible. I was trying to figure where i could get the amount they need and when i told me my hubby about their problem he told me that he could not send now as he was on travel. God was so good really because i forgot that i still have pending salary that i havent gotten yet. Gladly, my boss was there when i ask if i can get my salary and he readily prepare it for me. Thank God for everything that you've done to me. Also, im happy that i was able to help and as they say when you extended your blessings your graces comes in a hundredfold. Its really true, got an advertiser today and others to mention. Share your blessings guys.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cleverly Designed Horse Fence

I was watching then my favorite cable channel when a featured story about horse was inserted in cue. I was fascinated the way those women enjoy riding horse. They didnt even had any nervous or hesitant in riding on the animal. I knew i wouldnt feel comfortable coz i havent tried any horeseback riding nor even touch the horse. I once saw this animal face to face when we were invited for a ranch tour at our business partner farm. Its fun watching them especially if you see someone doing the trick in horseback riding but if its me doing the thing then its another story.

Another thing ive noticed is that, its not easy to take good care of such animal. You need to have a huge hectare of land so that the horse can enjoy eating grasses and doing anything he likes. I noticed an amazing horse fence at the back portion of the residence and it made me think how expensive such fencing type. They cleverly designed the fence and mind you guys, its not just your ordinary fence you can see everywhere. Indeed, horse fencing is something that is not just about putting the horse in the cage rather its about making them comfortable while making your self at ease through internal lock spacers. Check out affordable package for horse fencing now

Good Morning!

Its a fabulous morning for me. I hope for you too guys. I had a break from work and i did had the chance to do some petty household chores. I asked someone to do some laundry since our dirty clothes is already as high as Mt. Everest (hehehhe). My mom and my sister will finally be home this coming saturday and im so excited because i missed chatting with the latter. Thank God, everything are fine and God is so good to our family. Anyway, i just had a great time talking with my love over the phone. He is just so sweet and this time i knew how strong our relationship is. Im proud that we have surpassed major relationship problem so far and im happy being with him for more than a year and counting.

Well, its my prayer that everything will turn out fine with you guys. Whether you are experiencing personal of family circumstances. Always keep in mind that our family is our strong support system. There are so many reasons to be happy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amazing China Tours

I've mentioned earlier that my mom and my sister is currently on vacation. They joined my brother who is presently living in the nearest place to have some break. I knew my mom need a superb travel experience and if money is no object i really want to give her a great tour. I want to make her experience something that a daughter want to let her precious mother experience. I love to bring her to an out of town adventure or maybe in a serene place where she would not worry and be bothered. I knew guys, you will agree with me that as son or daughter we always want the best for our parents. If possible, we want to give them luxuries and things they havent experience yet.

In my case, i want to bring my mom to an out of country tour. Sounds like im dreaming too much, but who knows?(wink!). I want to travel with her in an asia tours and taste the famous asian cuisine. If i won the lottery, i will avail of national parks tours and china tours. Well, there had been a lot of things said about China and i want to discover it personally. I am dying to see the famous Great Wall of China. Wow, it seems that i love to pamper my loved ones, i certainly would like to. Hopefully, this coming few months when my love arrives. I can surely bring them up in a travel spree.

Having Fun

Although, we always encounter tight budget everyday. Still, we are so much lucky that we can enjoy few trips and family bonding. Hers a quick glimpse of some family outings. I missed the sister, my mom and my brother who is currently at the nearest city for some important matters.

A Day Full of Mess

Hayst, at last it all went fine. Wondering what im talking about? Well, unfortunately guys we encounter problem with the money my partner sent. Every week, he would sent me certain amount to cover up my expenses and today i havent received the control number although he had sent it already. He didnt knew that i didnt received yet his text because he would normally assumed that i received it since its already a routine that if i didnt text it means that i have already gotten the money. But today, it didnt worked for us. For some reasons, i didnt get his text and i was already waiting for about few hours. I dont know what made the hubby call but just late this afternoon he called up if i received the money and i told him i didnt received any text. He got mad because he knew i dont have enough money already. The lesson from now on is to reply back everytime we exchange sms. right guys? Well, its still a great day.

Anyway, im just thankful that i have such a wonderful man. I love you honey.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love My Eucalyptus Oil

How are you doing guys? I hope everything is fine with you. I was greeted with so many works at the office and it made my mind goes crazy. I felt i wanna relax and enjoye a fresh ambiance. I wish i lived near the beach or maybe somewhere where i can breath a fresh air. Anyway, whenever i felt stressed and tired i usually apply a eucalyptus oil on my body. I normally apply it somewhere in my head and near my nose. The scent gives me a different aroma that really pampers me. Oftentimes, i am wishing to get the best massage chair so that i will no longer hire someone to do my reflex and spa stuff. I knew i am addicted to these kind of home service because truly it relieves me. I knew most busy people can understand what im talking.

You would love to be pampered after a hectic schedule and a stressful day, right guys? But in any case, you dont want to spent for those pampering stuff then better yet get an Earthlite massage tables. They say that its an effective relief for pain and muscle contraction. Its normal to dream for luxury but because our budget is not that lose up, we tend to compromise things and sometimes we just satisfy ourselves with the mere thing of resting out with a pillow and a fan. This is the cheapest and most affordable way of pampering our body from those mind blowing work schedules.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

On CD Duplication....

Piracy is one of the disastrous problem the country is facing today. There are lots of moves and activities to fight against piracy but sadly they are still too far to the eradication of the said problem. There had been few arguments of the copyright issue on cd duplication because of the so many interpretations of the standards and the rule of law. Various sectors commented that there should have been licenses or an authority to use over cd replication just in case it came into a point that a certain cd will have its mass production. I actually agree at some point to this premise because production of such without authorised consent of the owner is an intellectual property violation.

In no case, cd replication at its basic form is something that can be done by anyone. I mean, you dont have to write a letter for consent to the owner of the cd if you just want to do some duplicate copy of such. In other words. the violation just starts when a person has the agenda or committed an agenda of pirating the cd. Thus, its very important that each one of us should know the law and at least have an idea of the rule of law. As they say, ignorance of the law excuses no one.

The Pedicure Test

You Are Cheerful

You have a lot of natural appeal. You are attention-getting and quite attractive.

Playful and hyper, you enjoy being around other people... as long as everyone's having fun.

Once you say you'll do something, you're totally committed. You don't back out.

You have been known to be a bit of a daredevil. You think taking risks is exciting.

The Best Amsterdam Restaurants

What do you look into when you're on travel? Do you mostly search for scenic places or museums? Well, in my case i love to hang out on malls and shop to death. I love to take a glimpse at their fashion trends, check out their styles and of course visit some fancy restaurants. Its a fact that one of the main agenda of most tourists is to taste the delicacy of the place. Speaking of travel, my mom and my sister is currently in Cebu now for some health issues and travel respectively. Just this afternoon, the brother phoned us that they are on their way to the oldest church in town for a visit. I immediately felt envy coz i really wanted to go but i decided not to because of my work schedule. Im gald they have visited the place, roam around and enjoy the place so much.

Anyway, if you happened to visit Amsterdam then im sure you have taste their palatable servings, right? Which of those fantastic amsterdam restaurants have you visited? Which one is your favorite? Well, aside from those restaurants there are still a lot of things to look forward to in your Amsterdam travel. You can check out art in Amsterdam and feed your eyes with those amazing art pieces. Truly, art Amsterdam is one of the core reason why a lot of tourists flocked into the place.

Scouting Over Vitamin Suppliments

Since i was a little bit young, my mother told me that i am her child that is prone to sickness. My constant friend is my doctor and the longest hospital days i had was about a month. Indeed, i can say that my immune system is not that strong so i need to have a daily dose of my vitamins. A vitamin supplements will help the body fights againts infection and other viruses. Its important that we have a strong immune system so that we will not have flue or cough easily.

AS of today, the main health issue i am currently dealing is my allergic rhinitis and everytime it hits my body, it really gave me a sleepless nights. What ive observed is that, i need not to be exposed to dust, too much cold or strong scents because it will surely ignite to an attack. I often wish i could do anything i want but i simply cant especially doing some household chores. Whenever i am in the mood to clean my room, i am often frustrated to do some wiping because im sure my allergy will starts upon wiping those dusty books and shoes on my cabinet. I guess i badly need natural vitamins to protect me from the allergies i have now. BUt im glad too that this is just a minor health issue unlike my sister who sometimes complain about a joint pain. I knew its kinda weird but our family doctor told her that its just a side effect of over fatigue. At least it eases our worries.

Just THink So..

Every night before i dose off, it became a routine to have some private moments for myself. I normally say my evening prayer, thanksgiving and most of the time think a lot. I usually think of the things i am so much grateful to my God especially for all the countless blessings HE has showered me. Im forever indebted to HIM for everything that he has done for me. For his miracles, for his love and fo his unending kindness. I remember before, i was so confused in my life and ive nowhere to go. The crossroads gave me some thoughts to cry about but also it gave me a strong will to continue to fight my battle. I am so much glad that HE has been so good to me. In fact, i felt im HE didnt leaved me at any point in my life. Now, that i have a great relationship, a nice job, a fantastic friends and a blessed life. Ive no wish except for HIS continous guidance on me.

THus, i realized that GOD will always interfere whenever youre in the midst of confusion. Sometimes, he gave us trials because he loves us. He wants you to be back on his arms. You are in that situation because he thinks of you, he wants you to know that HE is there. I realized i am strong person because instead of being down on the tests HE gave to me, it transforms me to love him more and thank him instead. It came into a point where i got tired of wishing and suddenly when i was at the edhe of giving up there i was greeted with the thing i am dreaming. It all just came inexpectedly. I just pray for a man who can love me unconditionally and in no time HE just gave it then the rest follows. I really wish i am more than deserving for all the blessings that he bestowed on me and always its my prayer to be an instrument of HIS love.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why is Laser Hair Removal Becoming Popular?

In dermatology literature, a laser hair removal is one of the most sought after beauty enhancing procedure. My reading tells me that this kind of method became commercially available in the mid 90's. Its no surprising that people from older generation have more hair than the people today. I realized too that modern day living embrace a life where beauty is something to be treated as precious commodity. We admire people who have stunning beauty and perhaps give a little raised eyebrows to some who takes their hygiene forgranted.

Anyway, its an accepted fact that women will buy any beauty kits of stuff no matter how pricey it is. Its because we all want to become the apple of the eye of someone or maybe an attention grasper. For that note, i can just say that theres really nothing wrong in aiming to become beautiful or pretty for that matter. We were given unique personality and traits so the card is in us already to enhance it or use it. For some reasons, other people consider some beauty surgery or enhancing procedures like Botox DC and Botox Maryland. Its definitely not an issue. IN fact, most people today consider Laser Hair Removal on top of their priority. Experts say that this kind of procedure offers little to no side effects which is a good news to people who love considering this option.

This procedure is widely used by many woman because of the long term cost of shavers and shaving creams. Consider the amount of money your spending for your creams weekly and monthly respectively. For that note, some woman just take their option of laser hair removal because they would completely embrace a flawless skin with long term effect. Nonetheless, its best to select the best health provider for your hair removal needs. Just dont settle with someone you barely know

On Back Up and Recovery

I love surfing the net in my free time but i am little blind on some technical aspects. What i mean is that, the net for me is like a comforter. I could browse updates, i could surf the web and do anything i want but dont just give me some technical aspects like doing an html code or doing some java script. Sorry guys, its not my thing. Nevertheless, despite me being not a techy type, i also have little ideas about some basic in computer. Like stuff in saving and other storage stuff.

But then i still have countless question about computer storage like the capacity and whats the ideal storage type. For that matter, i want to look out about storage virtualization and data center consoliation. Both are important stuff especially if you are working in a large company. IN our case, my previous employer have an IT department that caters the needs for our technical stuff. We will just request a staff from their department to fix anything that we want to fix. A supervisor from the department told us how important is backup and recovery because most of the time we failed to do some back up because we think we dont need it. Actually, it is essential to have back up data just in case a lose of data happens of desktop breakdown is encountered.

Essential Pregnancy Information

As a woman i find my extraordinary abilities exciting and superb. For instance, the chance of giving birth and feeding our babies is only given us by God. We have natural organs to feed our baby and give life to them. Thats why its very important that any pregnant woman should always be healthy to avoid complications to the baby and to herself too. In my 26 years of existence, my greatest wish in my life is to become a mom someday. I want to experience how to take good care of a child although a niece is with me temporarily yet i couldnt feel the mothers love that they are talking about.

Generally speaking, a womens health is essential for her to do her duties and obligations. Every womens fitness is very instrumental for her to have a healthy child. Of course, no woman wants a child with birth defects, right? So for pregnant woman out there be sure to have the right pregnancy information to protect your child against birth defects. Indeed, a baby is a gift from God so its just right to treat them as precious as diamond. No amount of money or material possession can ever compensate in becoming a mother. For that, a salute to our dearly beloved moms.

Saturday Blah

The day brings both joy because i will have time to relax but it also bring a gloomy face in me. My mom and my sister just had their trip to Cebu for some important matters. My mom will have her check up while my sister will stay there for a week for a vacation. I really want to go with them but i cant. I have work obligations that i need to attend to and the hubby does not permit me. He wants me to rest first because he knew ive been complaining about my UTI stuff just the other week. I told him im fine but still he wants his decision to prevail. Since im a submissive partner, i just decided to stay. Better rest and do my backlog than have fun.

Well, the house is quite silent but i asked a neighbor to stay temporarily and sleep at us. Anyway, theres so much to share about as i am not in the mood to roam around. I am really lazy today buit good thing that im in the mood to finish some online tasks. Have a great day guys.

Back Country Tours at Ontario

Are you a big bike fanatic? How about an ATV? WEll, i presume you love the thrill of conquering your fear with those exhilarating stunts. Dont worry, its not only you that is fascinated with this kind of sports because most of the youngsters and even professionals are hooked with this kind of hobby.

I remember one time when we watched an off road exhibition and it was truly nerve breaking. I coudnt help but shout and scream because im afraid those men might fall out from their adventures. I failed to realize that they are professionals and an expert to that field. Anyway, if you love off road adventure then Ontario offers you a perfect ambiance. You could try back country tours or maybe dirt bike trails ontario. Both are amazing adventure you will surely enjoy. If you worry about big bikes and ATV then dont bother to think because you can find atv rentals ontario at an affordable rental fee. So to satisfy your outdoor adventure, try the off road thing. If you wish to join the group then you can just browse the online resources for a comprehensive list of training schools and big bike rentals. Thus, dont forget to stay safe by wearing a protective helmet all the time. Also, dont forget to get the necessary riding equipment to ensure safety all the time.

An off road hobby gives a sense of fulfillment to one person but we should also not forget to be safe always and avoid your life at risk. With that note, if you are novice to the field try to get an instructor to guide you with the safety standards and the right techniques. He will also be responsible in checking out the bike for you and its technical details. Try a full day off road adventure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking for GE Dishwasher Parts?

Honestly speaking, i do love to stay at home and watch movie than to roam around downtown. I am a homebuddy type of person thats why my classmates before teased me that i hate to join them especially during beach time. Aside from the fact that im lazy going out because of the sun, i also hate the feeling of going home haggard and tired. I better just stay at home and stay at my room even for the entire day. Hey, i could still remember when i was a bit younger. I would do our laundry and it took me the entired day to finish it. Poor girl..While in managing our dishwashing, we take turns so that each one can help. Gladly, i am already exempted in doing some household chores do i still want to do it if im not tired.

My partner who stays at his house alone has his own dishwasher. Thats why he doesnt need to wash his plates and utensils after he's done with his meal. In fact, he was looking for GE dishwasher parts and GE refrigerator parts because his dishwasher is a bit acting weird. I forgot to ask this morning if he was able to buy already. I have actually searched for the said parts but mostly my search gave me stuff about Maytag dishwasher parts . I dont know if my hubby needs this. Well, how helpful the online resources are, right?

On Business Class Tickets...

Are you an adventurous type of person? Do you love travelling? Oh well, if you have the hobby of visiting great places then its time to check out Cheap business class flights. I remember our out of town adventure once, our circle of friends decided to have an out of town trip somewhere. The destination is a well known paradise island and it was absolutely one of the great trips i had. We hired a travel agency to organze the trip and do the booking and reservation. The package was just right knowing that we were six on that package. However, the plane tickets that they gave to us were quite pricey because there were no promo at that time. We inquire at the net where we could possibly find Cheap business class tickets but sadly we havent find any. We were really sad when we realized that we just missed the promo week which was just prior to the day we booked the package.

I realized its never easy to travel especially if you have a tight budget. From now on, i check some travel agency from time to time and consequently browse for business class tickets so that i will know the latest from them.

Embrace a Passion in Scrapbooking

Its fun reminiscing great memories. These memories ties us to the specials person in our life. Its with this reason why we love scrapbooking. We love to organize photos, add some details, color matching and other fun stuff that we could possibly add to the album. Some people have the passion in collecting photograhs and other family memorabilia just to preserve the memories in it.

In fact, ive know few friends who have collections of scrapbooking albums and i find it truly amazing. I really do wish i could have made one but then i dont have the patience in looking for graphics and other art materials. Although, i saw a scrapbooking stickers at the mall and it was ready for pasting at your album. Instead of looking for some pics and cutting out art papers and other image then you could just but a ready to grab stickers and then arrange it at your album depending on your choice of theme. Hopefully, i could be a certified scrapper soon.

How about you guys, do you have the passion of organizing photos, picking up art materials, cutting out graphics and other nice things you can do just to end up with a scrapbooking album? Hows the experience? Do you find it rewarding?

Conquerring The Past

It had been few days that i am currently in wild thoughts about some past that i wish i had formal closure. My former boyfriend whom i had relationship for quite a while is runing my mind for a couple of nights. I had a lot of question and a dozens of "what ifs". I sometimes think if i made the right move or was my decision right. We didnt had the chance to talk about us because we both have personal issues that we are dealing at that time. When i was in Cebu, he tried to contact me and he wanted to go to my place to patch up things but i didnt allow him. Months had passed and while i was busy minding my own life and so as he, a news reached to me that he is now married and just a few days ago, i heard that he had a son already. Ive thought that i had moved on but really, it gave me still a sleepless nights and a broken heart. I knew i am becoming unfair because i am committed already. I have a wonderful man who gave me everything i want. loves me with no condition and most of all respect the entirety of me. Maybe, just maybe i am just confused of my feeling because of the past that is so hard to conquer.

I believe love is about holding on and never let go. Yes, its painful now knowing that he end up with another girl, I do wished that we can still be together despite what happened. I still do dream that it still me that he is thinking and dreaming but reality hurts and thats where the pain of moving on starts. When you think that theres no way where you can fight the person you want then its just right to surrender the battle. Our past is very special to me because of so many memories that we shared. We had lots of out of town trips, we shared lots of heartaches and laughter. We conquer a lot of relationship triumphs and yet what hurts most is at the end of the day he choose to leave me. The latter is enough reminder for me to embrace my present relationship. He may not be the best man in whole world but in my life he is my knight in shining armour that stood for me when all of the people i loved left me.

LOve is not always perfect and theres no such thing as perfect story. Fairytales and story book are just meant for day dreaming and maybe to inspire us a little. Love is nevery easy, it was never an easy journey knowing the pain and nerve breaking moments one has to experience while fighting for the one you love. BUt one thing is sure, its goung to be a rewarding and fulfilling path especially if you've found the right partner. Maybe, the pain will never vanished easily but the love that im receiving from my man will surely bring heal the wound the soonest. I had so many fight in my life and this time around i will overcome all our obstacles and face our challenges coz he is worth of my love and trust. Yes, he is a fair bargain.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking for Weight Loss Doctors Pittsburgh?

We all want to be on our ideal shape, right? As for me, i always struggle to look firmer yet my curves are emphasize. Im tired of looking for extra large shirts and instead i want to wear a sexy dress that will fit in with my sexy body. Well, when can that be? Hopefully the soonest as i am now in the midst of diet for my bridesmaid moment. Well, lucky those woman who can afford for laser lipo pittsburgh for they can't experience the sweat for extreme cardio exercise. But of course, theres always a time for sacrfice to meet up your desirable weight so its just right to check out the best weight loss options for you.

With so many choices to avail of for lossing weight. I'm completely sure, picking the one method that will give you an ideal weight is never an easy process. Some even resort to liposuction while others avail of ideal protein pittsburgh. However, its not enough that once your friend tried it that it works for you. You simply have to check out the best one for you. Have you heard about weight loss doctors pittsburgh? I hope so because i knew they are the most in demand doctors know for people who want to seek help to shed out their unwanted fats. How about a browse on their site?

Sciatica Treatment - Is this an Option?

The technological advancement that we are currently enjoying offers both a pros and cons to the society. Let me tell you this, not all the simpler and high tech gadgets that we can avail simply put an end to one misery because without us noticing its drawbacks, sometimes it may caused an aftermath that is beyond our expectations. In no case, there is no wrong in trying out the best technology in this world especially is its the only option for survival. Anyway, it just amazed me how our present medical facilities revolutionsed from its once simple injections and x-ray machines before. Today, you can avail of medical procedures even with no surgery at all. Yes dear because laser type of procedure is currently on trend.

If you are ranting about your spine, maybe a backache is a constant friend. Then i presume its about time to visit your doctor. Maybe a laser back surgery will be an option for you to address whatever spinal issues you have at present. I heard too about Sciatica Treatment and they say that its effective and an option to many. But of course, you dont have to forget the stenosis of the spine because without this you will not know the prognosis of the illness.

I believe its about time to begin your pain diagnosis so that you will also know if you need a complete spine surgery or maybe you need other options like minimally invasive spinal surgery.Whatever your options is, its best to talk with your health provider now.Dont worry, there are free patient seminars that is availble or if not you can just avail of free consultation at some medical sites. Its deemed necessary to address your spine problem before its too late. The effectiveness of one procedure is never guaranteed but if you do some fair share of research then im quite sure you will end up with the best spinal treatment for you.

Farrier Tools - Your Ranching Partner

The economy today is in the midst of recession. It means that the spending ability of every citizen is quite limited. With this note, its very imperative that each one of us should make a wise spending move. There are so many ways where one can save even just in little ways. For instance instead of being on a spa in a regular basis then why dont you just skip one week and buy a spa kit and do it at home. THis simple alternative will surely brings a different change in your budget.

Another thing,i knew its innate to every woman to buy girly stuff and seldom we fix our stuffs and instead just put it in our respective garbage bin. In my case, i just gave away five pairs of shoes because i have never used it and end up being the play kit of some little insects in my shoe rack. If i just have horseshoeing supplies then im sure i can do something with those said stuff instead of throwing them. Luckily, a neighbor has farrier tools so the shoes that ive set aside were asked by the fellows so that she can fix it and use it instead.I realized a farrier tools is a must tool for any woman who loves ranching, right guys?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where to Buy a Pop Corn Machine?

There's always a child in me. Why did i say that? Well guys, i still crave for lollipops and enjoy munching foods that kids love. Who doesnt? Chocolates, cakes and ice cream are few of the foods that will not just tempt you to try but will also make your stomach complain. No matter how forbidden you are to eat those sweets, you will try to taste it, right guys?

One of the foods that i still love until now is popcorn. I love to eat it especially if i am at movie world and sometime i buy one that is ready to eat so as to enjoy my movie marathon experience. With that, how i wish we have pop corn machine so that we can make as many popcorns as we like. If not, we can start a new business for popcorn. I wonder, how much does each popcorn machine cost? Is it as expensive as ive thought.I hope not. Anyway, i still have to wait until i win the lottery to buy those machine. As for now, ill settle in buying my favorite popcorn in town.Im very sure i can afford to buy it by piece and enjoy as many pop corn as i can especially if its my favorite flavor.

Do You Know of Any Casting Call?

Are you a movie fanatic? Well, yours truely is die hard fan of Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. They're one of the few hollywood artists that i simply love about. I love how they act and how they touch someone else lives. I used to think that becoming a celebrity was just so easy. I mean when you have the look, the appeal and the curves then you've got the chance to enter the limelight. I never thought that having the genes for acting is a way essential. I mean look at how many are just simply are for pretty faces and has no acting ability. IN the end, they are just secondary choice and worst cant even be included in some casting call.

While some are lucky enough to be shortlisted for auditions and for them to have that luck, they were able to reach the edge of their extreme effort and daily appearance for free casting call. Nevertheless, when one can surpass all of those things then she can now reap the fruit of his sacrifices. The pay check is absolutely huge and the attention is simply addicting. Being a celebrity is something that not all of us are given the chance so if the door open up for you then its better to grab your chabce of going into it coz if the door closes, theres no way you can enter the limelight again.

How to Present Yourself

Mind you guys, its not always easy to stand infront of the crowd and convince them about your product or services. Been there and done that and no matter how many times i stand before them, i always felt being the center of attention and end of having stage freight. I always want to avail or attend a presentation skills trainings, so as to develop my confidence and projections, They say that its always important to remain calm and focus especially if your end goal is to convince or retain their loyalty. How about you guys? How do you manage your stage presence?


Thats im feeling now. I feel so tired and exhausted over many things. I just received another batch of tasks though i havent finish yet what was assigned to me. I need to double my time coz i still have other sites that im maintaining. I wish i have two persona. One will do my social obligations and the other one will attend to my work matters. How would that be? Well guys, im not complaining. IN fact, i am so flattered for having been trusted to write for them. I am grateful for all the blessings that came my way.

Looking for Discount Supplements?

Most people choose natural and herbal supplements than of branded drugs. I used to wonder why they use these vitamins when some companies are not yet established that patronizing the product means risking your very own health. Oh well, i never knew that natural supplements are becoming popular and widely used worldwide. Its no surprising that private companies that caters such products are popping up like mushrooms. IN fact, ive knewn few which has their local office near with my work place.

Health supplements are indeed essential to boost our immune system. Aside from that, choosing these kind of vitamins will also keep the doctors away as it protects you from an bacteria and possible virus contamination. You dont need to but expensive vitamins because im sure it would be a hole in the pocket. Who not look for discount supplements to save you from paying nerve breaking price. To that note, a friend had her research on the credibility of herbal supplements and she mentioned about Carlson Labsvitamins that she i using at present and she told me that if wanted to try herbal suppliments then is hould contact her coz she will recommend to me Douglas Labs. I am willing to try any of those suppliment for a change.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking for Cheerleading Outfits?

Cheer dance is one of the many high school memories that i love to remember with a smile. Who would have thought that this shy girl can join such energetic way of dancing and yelling. Gladly, i had an active curricular activities in my high school years and i believe its one of the reasons why i end up and exposed student in my college years.

Anyway, up until now i still get excitement whenever i am invited to watch a cheerdance competition. I look forwad in seeing fantastic cheerleading outfits and cheerleading shoes. Both are essential apparels when one joins a cheer dance competition. But of course, the dance wouldnt ne complete without a cheerleading bows. As you all know guys, this kind of dance needs a captivating stunts and moves. With that, a girly uniform would complete the package.

A competition for such kind of dance has its unique way of judging criteria but overall an audience is always impressed with a cheerdance who is composed of passionate members who will drive the crowd and the judges. You will surely love watching a cheerdance competition especially if its a battle joined actively by different schools in town. I knew some private entity organize such kind of battles.

What the Card Says.....

I just think of posting another quizz just for a change and heres what ive got:

You Are One of a Kind

You know how to express your truth. It may not be anyone else's truth, and you're okay with that.

You are a profoundly creative and downright delightful person. You inspire the world.

You're unique and flexible. And you defy any category.

There's always time for laughing at misfortune. You know you can't let bad luck get you down.

The Best Red Wine

Hows your social life now? I hope its as active as any other woman in the city. As for me, i do have my socialization days but i limit it now as i just have few friends that are less busy in the place. When i was having my own pad, i was a party girl and a drinker too. Yes guys, i do have my share of drinking days, saturday night outs and other fun stuff a single woman could ever do. Today, i opt to just bond with my sister and visit some good friends if i have time. I need to be responsible and manage my finances as tightwad as possible.

Going back with my party days, i remember a bar at my old home where we do hang outs often. The ambiance was fantastic and people who do visit the place are mostly professional so you wouldnt worry for possible war incident. As to their drinks, they served assorted wine brands, from locally made wine to expensive wine. Our favorite was their wine especialty which is a mixture of different wines and ladies drink. While a friend usually order their best red wine. How i missed those bonding days but it isnt too late to reminisce those moments. Im sure there will be another fun moment soon.

A Glimpse on Sites that Sell Jewelry Online

Hi guys, how are you doing so far? I just hope that you did had a great day. As for me, i had fun roaming around downtown searching for military rifles for sale. Well, i am actually looking for one for my nephew. He is one of the participants in their Citizens Army Training and since he was chosen as one of the officials, then they are required to have rifles as part of the pre requisite of the course. I know how expensive the thing is but what can i do, i need to show to them that i also support them even just in little ways that i can. Since, i havent searched the city of an affordable rifle. I am planning to browse the web for possible military auction. Im sure there are plethora of sites that offer such stuff especially auction site that caters general merchandise. I hope i can find it the soonest because i am still planning to visit my favorite shopping site to browse for best find. I heard that great sites that sell jewelry online have huge sale now. Better check it out the soonest guys. Im so sure you will feel delighted with what you will see at some auction site, right?

Got So Many Tasks

Wow, the day brings so many blessings again. I got few tasks from paying sites and articles to finish. Well, isnt it a great day for me? Yours truly had been so tired and stressed with so many things to do and attend to. I had to do some offline errand for my sister and for my mom too. Both of them are leaving to Cebu this weekend so the papers i need to arrange are needed for the trip. Afterwhich, i had to do some canvass for some stuff that im planning. I was at downtown the entire day and arrived few minutes ago. Another thing, while pushing my cart at the grocery store, i bumped with an acquintance - a business woman in the city. We exchange hellos and chitchats a little. She turned out to be not connected anymore with the company and told me few stuff about the latter. I was fascinated the way she teased me now. She said i look better than when i was at my former company. I do think so too. Well, God has been so good to me so at this point allow me to just thank my God for everything that he has done into my life. I just hope i will remain and continue to become an instrument of HIS love and kindness.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Payment from My Favorite Site


Heres a glimpse of my latest payment from my favorite site. As always, they are up to date with their payment and the most credible and nice site ive ever encounter. They will always respond quickly whenever i have inquiry and most often they're vey true to their promise. The admin of the site are so friendly, in fact i happened to exchange email with them and they are always attentive to queries and will respond courteously as possible. To my friends, please visit the site and be a member to earn unlimited income. My biggest payout from them so far is $420. See yah.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Sunday

Hayst, i couldnt get a good day rest. I am really dreaming to have just an entire day where i can sit comfortabley in the coach and watch movie but then i knew i have to attend to all these matters. I just came from a friends house to check on my gown. As ive mentioned in my previous post, i am one of the bridesmaid and since its fast approaching i have to attend to gown fitting at my vacant time. Just in time because her father arrived so i was given few soevenirs and chitchat a little. I had with me whitening scrub, chocolates and few beauty kits. Well, i love hanging out with this good friend because i am always welcome with them even for an overnight stay. I really missed the old times but then i knew i have to catch with recent happening in her life. Anyway, i need to rest now.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Im Dreaming...

Last night while i was going through little stuff to just make myself busy, i couldnt help but think and plan the things that i wanna do if my love arrive. He will spend a month long vacation in the place and still i dont have in mind how we will savor the moment. Vacations is ultimately fun but i still dont know where to bring him just in case, but one thing is sure. We will be spending most of the time in the nearest city and being in a hotel for a month is something that excites me. Im sure we will have beach moment as the last time we talk, he is asking me to search some great beaches in the city. Since, my brother has his own car i can take advantage of that and maybe an out of town trip will be possible. Hayst, so many plans in mind and it wiill happen so soon.

So Blessed...

What a nice surprise today! I finally got my payment from the articles ive made for the last few weeks and feel so fulfilled..Love it.Ive thought that it will take some time for it to be deposit in my account but im super lucky to have it this soon. Well, i can finally buy the bag i am eyeing the other day. Too much shopping lately but i guess i deserve it...Yepey...

Anyway, i just arrived from downtown. The promise of not going somewhere didnt materialize coz i have to do something so urgent. Since i run out of cash already, i have to wait for few hours for the hubby to go out from work. After he finally sent the budget, i finally leaved and it was already late afternoon. I have so many expenses so i opt to settle them today.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Giant Sale!!

My sister told me last night that the nearest mall in town will have their giant sale. Hmmm, ive been eyeing a nice pants at that mall. Its quite pricey so the first time i saw the pants, i opt to just satisfy my eye instead. But today, i was able to buy it at a discounted price and i feel delighted for just have waited. Im grateful that i have an understanding and lovable man that pampers me a lot. Well, shopping is fun but i knew my limitations. Just now, i feel so great for buying a nice stuff. Anyway, its friday again and what does this day means? Payday!!!!!..Yepey.

As for me, i dont have plans in going out tomorrow. Ive been tired of going to downtown the entire week. I opt to stay because i have some meet ups by sunday. I love you God. Thanks for making my life extra wonderful.wink!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Excited for my New Blackberry

In few days, i will finally have my new phone. I will have my new blackberry and so excited to try. THis is an early Christms gift for me and i so love how God gave me bountiful blessings this year. THanks to my hubby. I love you so much..

Anyway, we will be going to downtown in few minutes to buy a ticket for my sister's trip to Iloilo. Hayst so many things to do despite the storm thing.

Twin Sister?

Heres a latest addition to some of our bonding days. My sister and me. In few weeks, she will fly soon to her last review and take the board exam. Ill surely miss our bonding days. For that, her's a quick glimpse of us..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Storm Signal

I heard from the radio that my place is included in the storm warning and i am a bit worried coz we are flood prone area. I just arrived from downtown. I had my check up and bought few things. I noticed less people at the mall and maybe people are a bit lazy to go out. I was planning to just reschedule my check up tomorrow but since i will buy medicine for a neighbor too then i just went instead. The neighbors child has a fever for few days and i opt to help in the kids medicine. The kid was telling me awhile ago that he wants to eat mango so if ill not be lazy to go to the market later i will buy him his requested mango. My honey was the one who insisted to help the kid and in fact he gave me extra on top of my allowance.

The good news guys, ive found a great deal when i went to the mall just awhile ago. Im looking for ways to minimize my expense for communication line to my love and gladly when i went to western union this morning theyve suggested a nice deal and i immediately buy the card. Hopefully, i can avail it later. On the lighter side, ive bought a nice blouse again and i really love its style. I saw it one time at a magazine and when i saw it at the mall, i didnt think twice and get it. Thank God, the fitting is perfect and the clothe used is fantastic. Anyway, stay safe guys. I knew most of the areas in the country is flooded so be safe.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Help with Frustrations

Hayst, i couldn't understand why some people are bitter or some has frustrations in their life. While some just couldn't recover from insecurity or other stuff from their heart. I wish they can just moved on instead of ranting about their life or minding other people's life. Its no surprising, these people are less busy with their life that their little pleasure is minding others life. I do hope that when they mind others life that they will feel fulfilled and delighted coz if that sense then its just fine to continue their pastime. Well, that's life in the province because of upsurge unemployment rate that people have no other business but update their neighbors life. As for me, i actually just don't care whatever they think, talk or gossips. In the first place, they're not on our shoe and they don't know whats really happening. For quite some time, i am getting used to with their respective attitudes and by now i am less affected because i know from our heart where we stand. I have great family and i cant ask for more.

My ultimate resort is getting busy with work and online tasks. I knew i have so many things to do in my life and debt to fix. WE're not rich and its hard to pretend to be rich so i need to be just true to myself where i really belong.

Thanks Hon

I am so happy today and thanks again to my ever dearest love for fixing up things for me. I am really forever indebted to you. Although, i don't want him to feel that i am dependent to him yet he would always get mad whenever i would not tell him if i have problems on my finances. He asked me to be always open to him whenever i need some help on money. I'm so lucky to have him really. There are just times that he would just want me to have some fun or treat myself because he knew i am stressed from work. Yay, i don't want to preempt our plans because i don't want to feel frustrated. Much that i just kept it a secret about some properties that we just recently purchased. Sometimes, its better to be humble but feel secured than to be boastful but as always be frustrated. Just always keep that in mind guys. Have a great day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Broadband Connection

We all know that broadband seems a staple topic for people who rely on internet connection for daily usage. Some people rely on other's experienced in choosing the best internet provider company while some just settle with the one available regardless of the credibility of the company. I am meticulios by nature so i always make it a point to have prior research before i signed contract or avail of a service. As to availing for broadband dongle, i always make it a point to scout for the best broadband provider which has proven track record for the said specs. How about you guys, did you already get a broadband dongle?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Meme

The day is quite gloomy and its nice to have a good sleep. I was having a great time watching some good movies at home and im planning to have a movie marathon later. Im lazy going out now though a friend texted if we can meet at downtown. Next week im planning to have a hair makeover if im not that busy but i knew i will be coz i have so many workload at office that needs my urgent attention. Im just done with all my articles and hopefully i can receive my payment anytime this week. Im really working so hard guys just to get the things that i want. I dont mind working in between my work loads just to meet the deadlines of my clients . To tell you honestly guys, im just shopping for fun and admittedly my clothes are not really pricey. In fact, i just get them from those little corners of the street while some are just given to me by some friends. While some of my bags are just bargain. I just bought it as cheap as you thought of. I need to be practical. I cant even afford to buy those signature bags and perfumes but in due time i know i can have them. I just love being fashionable and apologize if some are offended by me being so talkative in my blog. I just love sharing my stuff. Promise i will not share anymore if ill shop for cheap clothes and bargain stuffs.

By the way guys, im happy to tell you that im one of the bridesmaid of my bestfriend which will be wed next month. I was texted just this morning if im available on that day. I am so happy when i learned that im part of the entourage and i already have in mind where i can rent my gown. Cant wait to prepare for her big day. Yay, i knew i need to buy cheap footwear and bargain clutch. I hope i can have money until that time.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amazing Find for Handicap Scooters

Life is no certain. This is the fact that we must all face. That is why when you hear the sermon of some Church suggesting you to pray and ask for forgiveness then dont be surprise because death is a constant destination. No one is exempted and none can survive from it.

Life they say is a journey. Thats why we have great time reminiscin some childhood memories and sometimes we do smile especially if we can recall some naughty stuff in our younger years. BUt as we grow older, a person become prone to sickness and illnesess which is the reason why our health providers advised us to take a daily dose of vitamins to keep us free from diseases and viruses. But well, each of us has a fair share of ill days and in fact, i was once hospitalised and the experience was really fatal. Although i was confined at a private room but still i dont like the smell of the room and the food as well. However, there are private hospitals whose medical bed is like a room bed and it will give you a nice ambiance as well. LIke any other patients, i was given a special attention because of my medical package provided by the company. When i was about to be discharged, i took a visit at the hospital premise and i love the facilities and the renovations that they made. Their pharmacy has complete medicines and facilities, even diapers for adults are also available.

The last time i heard from a friend who is working at that hospital, they still have no available wheelchair for sale but now i am amazed to see handicap scooters for rent. Such improvements are great to hear and its nice that they give time in improving their medical facilities and services too.

Got my Payment...

I was off at downtown earlier today to buy my medicine and do some personal grocery too. I was short of budget already due to some unexpected expenses that i have to manage but thanks to my hubby for fixing out things. I am bit better compared to previous days although i still experience some dizzy times which i knew i need some good rest.

On the other hand, i received a payment from loudlaunch but it was just a portion of the unpaid earnings from them. I still have pending payments from them and hopefully i will be paid in the coming months. I received another task from them the other day and i was very happy to be given an additional bonus for an excellent post. That was a nice surprise. Hayst, i am already waiting for dinner and im a bit tired but im happy and i feel blessed everyday. Have a great night everyone.

Know Your Options on Personal Checks

How often do you go to banks? Are you satisfied with your bank service? These and more are just few of the questions our banks asked us when they want to upgrade their service. Of course, they want their customers to be satisfied with them since micro financing is becoming on trend nowadays.

Talking about finances, which do you prefer having a checking account or a plain savings account? I know a friend who avails of checking account and he says that the account gives both an advantage and some drawbacks. Well, i certainly believe businesis should avail such accounts for easy tracking of cash outflow.If ill have time, i will ask my boss as to his checks matter. I want to recommend some order checks and bank checks that i saw online. He will surely love those trendy personal checks that is available online. My boss is a bit adventurous so i know he will avail of photo checks just in case.

The other day when i went to visit my bank, i saw the woman with those trendy checks and i love its designs and colors. I dont know if its the bank that provides that options or she just have it personalized. Whatever, its quite amazing how we can put styles to checks nowadays. Gone are the days where checks are dull and boring, right?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Honey is Worried..

I mentioned the other day that i was hit by my UTI and it really gave me a sleepless nights. Nevertheless, whatever sickness you faced on when you have someone to lean on and a lover who will comfort you then basically its nothing. I was flattered the way my honey is worried last night. He kept on calling me telling to go to the hospital which at that time was about 11 pm at my time. I cant help but smile when he told he he was worried and my heart melt big time when he told asked me to promise that i will take good care of myself, no matter what. I never had a partner who is as sweet and as caring as him. So far im feeling better now and thanks to my hubby for the pamper and for taking in charge of my medical expense. Im really blessed to have a loving partner as my honey. I love you. I really cant wait to be with you and i knew in few months we will no longer talk by phone but hopefully share a bed and an unending stories.

Have you Checked Out Book Summary?

A great author once said, "today a reader tomorrow a leader". Isnt it a great motivation to start a habit of reading? Anyways, when i was still young i really hate getting my books and even just a glimpse of them ruins my day. The reason is that, my father always reminds us to establish a habit of few hours reviewing our lessons. Since the bratty girl is really hard headed, i usually left my books at school so that my father cant check the bools on my bag. Nevertheless, those childish things are just few of the bratty stuff that i did but consequently gave me a good lesson.

First off,a habit of reading can't be established easily because it needs a passion from the person. For instance, try reading a novel and if you really dont like it or if you dont have a habit of reading such stuff then im sure after few minutes you will really give up,right? I realized too that once a person is fond of reading even just magazines or whatever that stuff then basically your reading habit will soon be developed.

These days where i can spend few private hours, my constant friends are books and fashion mags. Nonetheless, i am also fond of checking out book summaries especially those about literature and history. A friend introduced me to book summaries and when i started checking out such kind, i immediately felt in love. So for bookworms out there. try to scout some great Book summary portal for you to enjoy your reading experience.

Experience a Power of Choice

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys, how do you find your present mobile service? Do you often encounter dropped calls? How about being charged by your mobile company with call costs you didn't even avail? Frustrating, right? Well, if you are scouting for the best pre paid or post paid package that is perfect for your needs, then its time to lend a good ear about Tracfone.

I'm sure you have heard few times about this mobile service. Perhaps a good friend of yours introduce you to this company or maybe then you happened to read or saw an advertisement that features the services and packages available with Tracfone. As you can see, cheap services are sprouting so rapidly these days to the point that most of the customers are fooled by the enticement of their advertisement. But if you are one of those fellow who hates untrue ads then its about time to read the real deal with Tracfone.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to switch to them:

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4. They have plethora of phones to choose from with So many features packed from each like web access, video and other apps.

Want more? Well take a look at some of the testimonials of Real TracFone customers who are satisfied with Tracfone service. Check it out here

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its a Great Day

I am overwhelmed for all the blessings that God bestowed on me. I just received a good news today and i received few tasks from advertisers. The online blessings are becoming rampant nowadays not to mention the articles i am doing recently. In few days, i will enjoy the fruit of my labor. THanks God, ill be forever indebted to you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

JUst for an Update

Hows the weekend for you guys? I am presently dealing with my UTI stuff again and my hubby decided that i should not go to work and rest instead. I am supposed to just go to the office but then my partner seems to be my guard that he called me up every hour just to know if im doing fine. He knew how bad my UTI is so he just wants me to be well soon. The last time in fact gave me a few days with fever and chilling. Good thing my brother has a medicine for my stuff so i just texted by brother whenever i am dealing with this illness.

Hopefully, i will be fine by tomorrow and be back with my normal stuff. I really appreciate having a partner as sweet and as thoughtful as my man. Thats why i never get tired of telling him how much he means to me, everyday.

The Thrill of Online Gaming

Its a fact that most people nowadays are hooked on online gaming. Just pass by an internet cafe anywhere at your place and you will be surprise to see youngsters passionately cheering for a car racing game. Nevertheless, its not only them that are addicted to online games. How about your favorite cityville and farmville, how often do you play the game?

Certainly, the old school games became out of trends because of the comfort of mouse clicking. Other than that, you dont need to look for someone else to play for you because virtual games are designed to be played alone with a realistic and thrilling scenario. But of course there are still games like casino betting and online baccarat that still the most favorite pastime for some. Have you tried playing online baccarat? If you havent then you absolutely missed a half of your life. Check out them now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Payday Loans Essential?

Will you resort to payday loans? I dont know anyone who do not need a money today. The latter indeed is a much needed stuff to pay our bills, to buy food and almost the key for survival. Although, we are always struggling just to meet both ends but there will always come a time that we will encounter a short budget no matter how tightwad a person is. For regular employees, you can always resort in urgent loans like payday loans. Its actually the easiest and simpler way of addressing financial dilemma for people who are currently working. I always resort to payday loans when i was still on my previous employer because of the bloated expenses i do have. Gladly, my hubby is there for me every single day so instead of resorting to payday loans today, i would just text him and he will manage my expenses. However, not all individuals have instant solution to financial crises but thanks to the modern economy for creating micro financing institutions that are indeed helpful especially during emergencies to daily urgent needs.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tiring Saturday

I was off from my online stuff the entire day because i spend some time with my favorite pastime and that's shopping. After a stressful week, i promise to give myself a treat and fortunately i was able to get a nice pair of fashionable footwear (again) and bought my personal grocery. I had a tiring experience roaming around the downtown area looking for some stuff which will entice my eyes and gladly i found one. I had few colors of footwear at my shoerack and my new buy will surely add to my great keeps. Its indeed rewarding having yourself treated after accomplishing all the stuff the needs my utmost attention. For quite sometimes, ive been faitfully obliging to all my duties. I am a regular blogger-maintaning four site, an article writer, a and a regular employee. There are times that i am out of tracked because of the so many things that i need to attend to but at the end of the day all of those things gave a financial freedom that i havent experienced even when i was on my former company. I am happy with all the blessings that God has given to me and my waiting was finally paid off.

There are times that i often wondered how those stuff came in my way at a perfect timing. I was wondering though maybe i did something good in the past but for now i know for sure that God has a purpose for giving such bountiful blessings in a row, whatever it is - everyday is my prayer to be an instrument of his love and kindness. To God be the glory always.